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  1. parties
    Taylor Swift’s Very Nice Friends Dressed As Childhood Heroes for Her NYE PartyLotta wigs.
  2. quizzes
    Who Said It: Blake Lively in A Simple Favor or Blake Lively in Gossip Girl?Can you match the Blake Lively Secretive Blonde to her Slightly Concerning One-liner?
  3. party lines
    OMG, Anna Kendrick Has Never Seen Gossip GirlSpotted: someone not watching the greatest show of our time.
  4. party lines
    Blake Lively on Nude Vagina Portrait in A Simple Favor: ‘It Was a Lotta Crotch’She reveals her side of the story.
  5. trailer mix
    New A Simple Favor Trailer: Anna Kendrick Tries to Figure Out Blake LivelyOpening September 14.
  6. freak injuries
    An Injury to Blake Lively Shuts Down Her Spy Movie Rhythm SectionA first unsuccessful surgery is contributing to even longer delays.
  7. All I See Is You Is One of the Strangest, Most Satisfying Surprises of the FallBlake Lively’s latest is what a Lifetime Movie directed by Gaspar Noé would look like, and it’s kind of great.
  8. trailer mix
    Blake Lively Has Just About the Worst Marriage in New All I See Is You TrailerIf your husband Jason Clarke can’t psychologically handle your corneal surgery, that’s a deal-breaker, ladies.
  9. going the distance
    Blake Lively Sent Leonardo DiCaprio Pictures of Dolls When They Were DatingWas it a Cabbage Patch doll? An American Girl?
  10. art du jour
    The Only Instagram You Need to See Today Comes From Blake LivelyPants and sisterhood for life.
  11. literally strong female characters
    Are You Ready to See Blake Lively As a Vengeful Assassin in The Rhythm Section?Saints preserve us, Blake Lively is going to be an action star.
  12. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively Might Be Doing A Simple Favor for Paul FeigThe murder mystery will hopefully answer the question, “What would Gone Girl have been like with Paul Feig at the helm?”
  13. dancercise
    Blake Lively Spends Her Time Practicing the Movements From The OABut which movement is her favorite?
  14. Blake Lively’s Memoir: Special Sneak Peek!! by Mitra Jouhari My name is Mitra Jouhari. Two years ago Blake Lively reached out to me and gave me the honor of ghostwriting her autobiography. This project […]
  15. roll clip!
    The Madden Brothers, Blake Lively Play PasswordGet these cool cats a show on GSN.
  16. movie review
    Woody Allen Returns to Old Hollywood in Café SocietyHis ’30s romantic drama is a surprisingly graceful work.
  17. bird buddies
    The Breakout Movie Star of the Summer Is the Seagull From The Shallows“He was kind of like the Marlon Brando of seagulls.”
  18. last night on late night
    Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Know It All’Lively’s self-censorship almost cost her the win.
  19. cannes 2016
    Kristen Stewart Is Not Here to Please You“If I walked in with a man and they asked me to change shoes, I’d be like, ‘Does he have to wear heels?’”
  20. cannes 2016
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Love TCM So Very Much“That’s my husband’s dream job, to be Ben Mankiewicz or Robert Osborne.”
  21. trailer mix
    New The Shallows Trailer: Blake Lively vs. JawsLooks like you’re gonna need a bigger rock. 
  22. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Café SocietyHis love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  23. flops
    Ryan Reynolds Gives Green Lantern a 1 Out of 10 (1=Bad)Deadpool makes up for it, though.
  24. sisterhood of the traveling pants
    Blake Lively Supports America Ferrera’s ShowWhich one’s wearing the pants?
  25. romance
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Got Married at a House From The NotebookBecause if she’s a bird, he’s a bird.
  26. marriage mysteries
    Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Wed in Secret?Probably yes.
  27. harvey's corner
    Harvey Weinstein High on Avengers, Blake Lively This Summer“So sexy, so brilliant, and so hard-lived, the performance.”
  28. the vulture transcript
    Oliver Stone on Savages, Drugs, and How Filmmaking Is Like Acting“This is not a war on drugs. This is a war for money.”
  29. being hard on oneself
    Blake Lively Does Not Consider Gossip Girl Her Best WorkBlasphemy!
  30. trailer mix
    Hick Trailer with Chloë Moretz and Blake LivelyAnd it’s a little bit icky.
  31. trailer mix
    Savages Trailer: Blake Lively’s Deadly, Druggy ThreesomeIt’s from Oliver Stone.
  32. hick
    See Blake Lively and Chloë Grace Moretz in the Poster for HickSerena van der Woodsen kicks ass now.
  33. casting couch
    Rooney Mara Takes Blake Lively’s JobIn a Steven Soderbergh movie.
  34. Blake Lively to Lead Steven Soderbergh’s Next FilmShe’ll star opposite Channing Tatum and Jude Law.
  35. Watch Blake Lively Re-create Marilyn Monroe for Gossip GirlShe does the whole “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” routine in one take. Yes, the whole thing.
  36. clickables
    Watch Ryan Reynolds Decide Whether He’s Got Better Abs Than Ryan GoslingAlso: Blake Lively is asked whether “Serena van der Woodsen” is a ridiculous name.
  37. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls’ Favorite Cases of Casting Gone WrongLike that time Denise Richards played physicist, or Keanu Reeves was a nuclear scientist.
  38. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Hyperactive Tom Arnold Outs Michael RosenbaumPlus: Blake Lively styles Jay Leno out of his top-to-bottom denim gear, on our daily late-night roundup.
  39. ink.
    Vulture’s How-To Guide for the Celebrity-Tattoo AficionadoClick through, if only to see Gwyneth Paltrow with chicken wings Photoshopped onto her back.
  40. gossip girl
    Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops RollingA slideshow of the fall, from behind the scenes.
  41. trailer mix
    Green Lantern Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Flies High (Though He’s Already Super Between the Sheets)A must-see for Peter Sarsgaard’s giant, mutated head alone.
  42. casting
    Which Actresses are Meeting for The Dark Knight Rises?Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, and the other usual suspects are meeting for the film’s two female roles.
  43. Blake Lively’s Breast LooksThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star is making Abundant Cleave her look. And why not?
  44. gravity
    Ryan Reynolds’ Wife Competing With His Lantern Costar For Gravity PartIt’s Scarlett vs. Blake.
  45. quote machine
    Ron Artest’s Heart Will Go OnPlus: Katy Perry on her strict no-sex-with-crucifixes policy.
  46. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con Round-Up: Ryan Reynolds on The Green Lantern Going Glove-less; Natalie Portman on Thor“[The Green Lantern] is not a valet parking attendant in Tokyo.”
  47. trailer mix
    Trailer for Affleck’s The Town Features Big Stars and Boston AccentsPromising!
  48. the greatest show of our time
    What Billy Baldwin Means for Gossip GirlBad, bad things. That might make for good watching.
  49. the industry
    Blake Lively to Turn on the Green LanternPlus: Channing Tatum! Antonio Banderas! Frances McDormand!
  50. i wrote a protest song about you
    Domestic-Violence Group ‘Horrified’ by SNL’s Tiger Woods SketchOur main beef with it was that it could’ve been funnier.
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