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  1. trailer mix
    Green Lantern Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Flies High (Though He’s Already Super Between the Sheets)A must-see for Peter Sarsgaard’s giant, mutated head alone.
  2. casting
    Which Actresses are Meeting for The Dark Knight Rises?Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, and the other usual suspects are meeting for the film’s two female roles.
  3. Blake Lively’s Breast LooksThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star is making Abundant Cleave her look. And why not?
  4. gravity
    Ryan Reynolds’ Wife Competing With His Lantern Costar For Gravity PartIt’s Scarlett vs. Blake.
  5. quote machine
    Ron Artest’s Heart Will Go OnPlus: Katy Perry on her strict no-sex-with-crucifixes policy.
  6. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con Round-Up: Ryan Reynolds on The Green Lantern Going Glove-less; Natalie Portman on Thor“[The Green Lantern] is not a valet parking attendant in Tokyo.”
  7. trailer mix
    Trailer for Affleck’s The Town Features Big Stars and Boston AccentsPromising!
  8. the greatest show of our time
    What Billy Baldwin Means for Gossip GirlBad, bad things. That might make for good watching.
  9. the industry
    Blake Lively to Turn on the Green LanternPlus: Channing Tatum! Antonio Banderas! Frances McDormand!
  10. i wrote a protest song about you
    Domestic-Violence Group ‘Horrified’ by SNL’s Tiger Woods SketchOur main beef with it was that it could’ve been funnier.
  11. overnights
    Blake Lively Puts Her Assets, Comedic and Otherwise, on Display on SNLShe elicited nearly as many laughs from the crowd last night as she did gasps for her sexy attire.
  12. quote machine
    Blake Lively Isn’t the Least Bit Worried About Being Attracted to Alan ArkinPlus: Dakota Fanning talks about smooching her New Moon co-star, Kristin Stewart.
  13. quote machine
    Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their PurposePlus: The secret reason “Stairway to Heaven” became so popular is finally revealed.
  14. the industry
    Steven Spielberg Takes Up PiracyPlus: Blake Lively! Hayden Christensen! Martin Freeman!
  15. Gossip Girl MattersOur weekly reality index: with a special guest star!
  16. quote machine
    Blake Lively Explains Why Recessions Don’t Exist on Gossip GirlPlus: Jaime King tries to rationalize the crappiness of ‘The Spirit.’
  17. the industry
    Tom Arnold Yells at 19-Year-Old Boys OnlineAlso: Michael Apted + User Generated Content = Democracy!
  18. the industry
    Seems Like Everyone Loves New York Except Woody AllenA whole constellation of acting and directing talent turns out for ‘New York, I Love You.’
  19. ‘Gossip Girl’ Gives Us the Thanksgiving We Always DeservedWho writes this show? Former members of the Children of God?
  20. ‘Gossip Girl’ Threatens All of Its Great Loves“I performed in a speakeasy and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.”
  21. ‘Gossip Girl’ Makes Us Color-blindOur highly calibrated point system of… um… points.
  22. quote machine
    Reese Witherspoon: Worst Seatmate Ever?Plus: Quotes from Michael Ian Black and Britt Daniel!
  23. ‘Gossip Girl’ Gets Lost in New YorkIsn’t it weird when a show’s writers forget their own plotlines? Isn’t it weird we’re paying such close attention?
  24. ‘Gossip Girl’ Embraces Friendships, RealityAnd that’s what this recap is all about, right? Realism!
  25. ‘Gossip Girl’: The Most Important Show of Our TimeLast night’s giddily awaited premiere of Gossip Girl did not disappoint.