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Blink 182

  1. wins
    Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 Says He’s ‘Cancer Free’“Can I get a W in the chat?”
  2. a long talk
    Tom DeLonge Was Never CrazyThe divisive front man on why Angels & Airwaves is still the future, dicking around with Blink-182, and finally getting vindication about UFOs.
  3. fuck cancer
    Mark Hoppus Opens Up About His Stage 4 Lymphoma Diagnosis“I hope I get the cancer in full remission part of Walter White, and not the drug manufacturer part of Walter White.”
  4. the inside track
    Pop-Punk Is a Tool for Self-Acceptance on WILLOW and Avril Lavigne’s ‘G R O W’In many ways, it’s the song encapsulation of WILLOW’s work at the red table.
  5. quar goss
    What’s Going On With Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, and the Kardashians?Kim has now denied hooking up with Barker, calling it a “false narrative.”
  6. summer 2021
    Dreaming Up a 2021 Warped Tour LineupPresenting: Varped Tour ’21, a tribute to our pop-punk renaissance.
  7. quar goss
    Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s UFC Date Got WeirdFans think they caught them sucking fingers while at a UFC match with Megan Fox and MGK.
  8. right click
    Halsey Plays That blink-182 Song With Travis Barker in Machine Gun Kelly VideoMaking good on that claim from her Chainsmokers collab.
  9. not his swag
    Lil Wayne ‘Won’t Be Quitting’ Blink-182 Tour After All“I’m having too much fun with my bros blink-182.”
  10. tv
    Tom DeLonge Is Making a Second Show About AliensHe’s really into them!
  11. viva las
    Blink-182 Is Doing a Las Vegas Residency, Which Is Suspiciously Close to Area 51I guess you could say we’re feeling this.
  12. fyre festival
    Of Course Fyre Festival Spent an Exorbitant Amount on a Yacht for Blink-182And other nonsense.
  13. science fiction
    Tom DeLonge Is Directing a Sci-Fi Movie About a ‘Tribe of Broken Youth’It’s based on his YA franchise about skateboarding teens who investigate the paranormal.
  14. the videodome
    Watch Blink-182 Re-create ‘What’s My Age Again?’With Adam Devine.
  15. all the small things
    Blink-182’s T. DeLonge Takes UFO Info to the TopWikiLeaks uncovered the clandestine extraterrestrial research.
  16. Blink-182 Finally Took the No. 1 Album Away From Drake — What’s Our Age Again?It’s like 2001 all over again.
  17. truth in fake advertising
    Mumford & Sons Impersonated Blink-182 in VideoQuick zoom!
  18. supercuts
    Here’s a Video of Blink-182 Blinking 182 Times for YouWhat’s in a name? If the name is Blink-182, it’s 182 blinks.
  19. roll clip!
    Watch Blink-182’s ‘Bored to Death’ Music VideoWhat’s their age again?
  20. new songs
    Hear Blink-182’s New Song ‘Rabbit Hole’From their upcoming album “California.”
  21. new tunes
    Listen to the New Blink-182 TrackWelcome aboard, Matt Skiba.
  22. There’s a New Blink-182 Album Coming, With or Without Tom DeLongeThe rock show must go on.
  23. cassettes are great what are you talking about?
    Hey, Some Blink-182 Albums Are Coming Back As CassettesFour of ’em!
  24. aliens in america
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Says He Had an Alien Encounter at Area 51We want to believe.
  25. beef
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Drama ContinuesThe former (or current?) guitarist defended himself on Facebook.
  26. drama
    Blink-182 Claims It’s Having Tom DeLonge ProblemsIs he still in the band? It’s a magnificent battle of he-said-they-said.
  27. cameos
    10 Awesomely Random Band Cameos in MoviesSmash Mouth in Rat Race, Madonna in Vision Quest, and more!
  28. blink-182
    Hear a Mash-Up of Every Blink-182 Song in One MinuteLadies and gentlemen, the turn of the century!
  29. save the date
    Blink-182 Is Releasing a New Song This WeekAnd a new album is on the way.
  30. hard sells
    Dude From Blink-182 to ‘Redefine the Music Business’No.
  31. hard sells
    A Blink-182 Guy’s Sad Pitch to Vampire Weekend“You’re trying to live in an industry that’s dying. And so Modlife is trying to give you the chance to survive.”
  32. superfans
    Blink-182 Superfan Is Making a Blink-182 MovieBut Blink-182 isn’t really feeling it.
  33. last night’s gig
    Blink-182 Bring Their Reunion Tour to Atlantic CityThe band looked the same, made the same dumb jokes, and had the same old sound. It was rad!
  34. the industry
    Ed O’Neill to Be a Father AgainPlus: Mickey Rourke to make bad-seeming movie, for old time’s sake.