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  1. hbo max
    Wonder Woman 1984 Will Come Out On HBO Max and in Theaters On Christmas DayThe last blockbuster of 2020 has fallen (sort of).
  2. the future
    The Fate of American Movie Theaters Looks Terribly BleakTheater owners across the country explain how they’re going to survive 2020: “It’s a darker time now than when theaters were initially closed.”
  3. box office
    The Problem With Calling Tenet a FlopIn the midst of a pandemic, nobody wants to use the F word. Yet Christopher Nolan’s movie is coming to be viewed as a theatrical misfire nonetheless.
  4. movies
    The Matrix Taught Superheroes to FlyIt laid the template for the gritty, gravity-defying, self-seriously cerebral modern blockbuster.
  5. How A Quiet Place Defied All Odds to Become a Blockbuster“The movie was risky on every level.”
  6. how movies are made now
    The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blockbuster for ChinaA Hollywood executive with expertise in the Chinese market outlines what works — and what doesn’t — in scripts that appeal overseas.
  7. running time
    The Dark Tower Will Be the Rarest of All Gifts: A 90-Minute Summer BlockbusterThat’s half an hour shorter than this summer’s average tentpole film.
  8. blockbusters
    How Are Movies Going to Credit All Those Blockbuster Writers Rooms?The current shared-universe storytelling model is clashing with WGA rules.
  9. blockbusters
    Simon Pegg: Nerd Culture Won, and Now It’s Dumbing Us Down“We’ve been infantilized by our own taste.”
  10. blockbusters
    The Force Awakens Is Trying Not to Be a Bloated BlockbusterAccording to screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, who adds we might see Lando Calrissian in another Star Wars movie.
  11. movies
    Damon Lindelof on Blockbuster Screenwriting“We live in a commercial world, where you’ve gotta come up with ‘trailer moments.’”
  12. movies
    David Edelstein and Producer Lynda Obst on Hollywood’s Blockbuster Problem“A studio would rather invest $250 million in one film than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal projects.”
  13. ‘SNL’s Colin Jost Dreams Up Several Silly Movie Sequels for ‘The New […]SNL’s co-head writer Colin Jost has a funny new piece in The New Yorker today in which he previewed this summer’s unlikely movie sequels, […]
  14. box office gold
    Django Unchained Outperforms Les Misérables on Opening WeekendMeanwhile The Hobbit hits $200 million.
  15. summer movies
    See Solid Proof That Every 3-D Summer Blockbuster Is the SameCase closed. Any questions?
  16. blockbusters
    Get Acquainted With Tony Stark’s UnderlingsA new ‘Iron Man 2’ video takes us inside Stark Industries.
  17. trailer mix
    Iron Man 2 Trailer: It’s Been Too Long, Mickey RourkeThis thing looks great.
  18. blockbusters
    Call of Duty Franchise Continues to Make Hollywood Look SillyPeople love their video games.
  19. blockbusters
    Thanks To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Video Game Industry Takes Hollywood Out To The WoodshedJames Cameron’s self-bestowed title as “King of the World” is officially in jeopardy.
  20. blockbusters
    Dan Brown Book Party Conspicuously Unmysterious“A woman I have never met but a woman whom I love deeply: Janet Maslin of the New York ‘Times.’”
  21. blockbusters
    Millions of Harry Potter Fans Are Really Cranky Today’Harry Potter 6’ raked in $22.2 million at midnight screenings last night.
  22. blockbusters
    Michael Bay Laughing All the Way to the Bank’Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ grossed $55 million at the box office yesterday.