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  1. oh my blog
    Here Is a Blog About Ariana Grande’s Thoughts on BloggersWe’re just gonna blog through this.
  2. jennifer lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence, People’s Hero, Writes About What to Do Now After Trump’s Win“We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated.”
  3. blogs
    Your Cool Aunt Barbra Streisand Blogged About Donald Trump“When a politician ends almost every sentence with ‘believe me’ … don’t!”
  4. blogs
    Jamie Lee Curtis Pens Blog About Addiction“This is what it sounds like when we all cry,” she writes, amid reports of Prince’s painkiller use.
  5. syrian refugees
    George R. R. Martin on Syria: The Refugees Are Also Victims of ISIS; Let Them In“Santa Fe, at least, will welcome them.”
  6. Sad News: Videogum Is Shutting DownEarlier today, Videogum senior editor (and Splitsider’s very first intern!) Kelly Conaboy broke some sad news in an article titled “Hey Guys, […]
  7. Vulture’s Comedy Week Has a Lot of Fun Stuff for YouPop culture blog Vulture is holding its “Comedy Week” right now, and they’ve loaded up their page with plenty of fun stuff to read like an […]
  8. Dan Harmon’s First Book ‘You’ll Be Perfect When You’re Dead’ Drops TomorrowCommunity and Channel 101 mastermind Dan Harmon is releasing his first book, a collection of the best writings from his amazing blog, “Dan […]
  9. francophile
    James Franco Won Second Prize in a Blog CompetitionCongrats, James.
  10. Visit Namesake Motors, a Blog That Pairs Up Cars With Their NamesakesBuckle up for some LOLs.
  11. You Should Be Reading Kanye Wes AndersonWhat’s next, a song? (Please be a song.)
  12. Today in Patton Oswalt: Patton Gets Cast in FX’s ‘Justified’ and Writes […]It’s a banner day for Patton Oswalt, as FX announced he’s been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming season of the Timothy Olyphant western […]
  13. Visit Pizza on Face, a Blog That Superimposes Pizza Onto Celebrity FacesMmm, Burt Reynolds!
  14. celebrity googly eyes
    Read a Blog Filled With Celebrity Googly EyesGolf claps, Internet.
  15. Comedy Central Developing ‘Bad Advice From My Brother’ Blog Into a Show […]The system works! Bad Advice From My Brother, a blog started by Jordan Pope Roush in 2010 with the intention of drumming up enough of an […]
  16. Check Out Adult Swim’s ‘Not a Blog’Did you know that Mike Sacks, author of the much-loved And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers on their Craft, is now […]
  17. Check Out the Bob’s Burger’s Season 2 Script CoversThe writers of Bob’s Burgers have started a blog, and they’re kicking things off by posting some script covers from season 2’s table reads. I’m […]
  18. The Increasing Necessity of Promoting Books and Comedy Albums Online Jim Norton took to the red carpet of the Grammys to ask stars from Steve Martin to Adele to hold up his non-nominated 2011 standup album […]
  19. The Onion Fools Another One, and This One’s in CongressAnother day, another Congressman thinking an Onion article is real. Fight the abortionplex, America! Call your congressperson (and ask if his […]
  20. Comic Steve Cronin’s Tips on the Delicate Art of Crowd WorkHere’s some good advice about crowd work from comic Steve Cronin. Print it out and discreetly pull it out of your pocket when you’re onstage […]
  21. Ricky Gervais Is Still Swearing He Won’t Host the Golden Globes AnymoreRicky Gervais said months ago that this year’s Golden Globes would be his last, and now he’s confirming it. “It’s like a parachute jump. You […]
  22. Kelly Oxford’s Making Sure You Know Her NBC Pilot Is Not Her Twitter FeedKelly Oxford addressed the haters on her blog yesterday, pointing out that her Twitter popularity isn’t the reason her pilot’s been purchased […]
  23. the five-year engagement
    Visit the Wedding Blog of the Main Characters in The Five-Year EngagementThe Five-Year Engagement gets the ol’ “blog treatment.” You know, that treatment.
  24. A Sonnet About Dan Harmon’s Latest Blog PostI have long thought that the ultimate level of success would be to have people write sonnets about your stream-of-consciousness 2:30AM blog […]
  25. Visit MoustairA blog “where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair.” Got that?
  26. clickables
    Visit the Fashimals BlogAnna Wintour as a hairless cat? Yep, makes sense.
  27. clickables
    Check Out Photo Blog Sad PlaywrightsSad face is real, y’all.
  28. clickables
    Visit Fun Blog ‘Mountain Goats Singing the Mountain Goats’Totes goats on the Goats.
  29. Mean Blog Post Becomes ABC’s Newest Comedy About Modern LoveABC and Tracy McMillan have embarked upon the last leg of that classic journey from super-harsh blog post to book to television show. Why […]
  30. Mindy Kaling’s Book’s Back Cover Speaks the TruthMindy Kaling introduced the world today to the back of her book, which features a photo of her as an androgynous but happy child puppeteer. […]
  31. Mindy Kaling’s Blog Is Back and It’s 2006 AgainAt long last, Mindy Kaling has re-launched her shopping blog. Man, this news plus the imminent return of Arrested Development? It’s like all […]
  32. clickables
    Read a Blog of the Weird Things People Say in Bookstores“I need a book on how to actually breathe underwater.”
  33. clickables
    Check Out This Awesome Dad’s 170 Costumes on Wave at the BusHis son is a good sport, too.
  34. clickables
    Check Out ‘The Burning House,’ a Beautiful Group Photo Blog“If your house was burning, what would you take with you?”
  35. clickables
    Make Your Own Real-Life ‘Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes’ MaskDudes can play, too.
  36. clickables
    Read a Tumblr Dedicated to Old Computer Interfaces in MoviesAccess Main Computer File is not a virus.
  37. ABC Turning Awkward Family Photos Into a TV ShowMove over, blog-to-book deals. The new hot way to get rich from a jokey blog or Twitter account you made on your lunch break isn’t books, it’s […]
  38. SNL For Serious: Every SNL Episode Recapped, In OrderSNL For Serious is a new Tumblr that aims to cover every single Saturday Night Live episode, in order. They’re basically taking a number of […]
  39. kanye’s blog
    Kanye Has a New Blog!Big things doing.
  40. kudos
    Hero Blog Commenter Fixes Oscars“Structure the broadcast around the top 10 like ‘American Idol,’ and gradually count down the vote tabs from #10 to #1 throughout the program to create suspense.”
  41. blogs
    Anne Thompson Splits for IndieWireShe’ll move her blog from ‘Variety’ to IndieWire on August 1.
  42. the competition
    Spike Jonze Launches Vulture CompetitorIt’s not as easy as it looks, Jonze!
  43. blogs
    Deadline Hollywood Daily Acquisition Rumors Spark More Hollywood CatfightingMight Finke, herself, soon be the subject of someone else’s “TOLDJA!”?
  44. personal vendettas
    Variety Attacks Bloggers, But Mostly Nikki Finke’Variety’ let loose a trio of incensed stories yesterday about “toxic bloggers.” But they’re particularly angry about one in particular.
  45. diddy
    Is Diddy’s Twitter Making Kanye’s Blog Irrelevant?A recent vital Diddy Tweet: “Taken a bubble bath holdin a oscar!!”
  46. the projectionist
    Edelstein Returns!David Edelstein will resume updates to his blog.
  47. agenda
    Rex Parker’s Crossword Blog for Experts, CheatersWhether you bang out Friday puzzles and know a four-letter toiletry product is (almost) always “ATRA” or mull over Sunday puzzles for days, you’ll dig the clue-by-clue musings of this blog.
  48. apropos of nothing
    Marvel Superheroes Demand That You Cease and Desist Posting SpoilersA comic-book blogger gets a super-powered takedown notice from Marvel Comics’ legal department.
  49. the take
    Academic Blogger Takes Vulture’s Spoiler Policy to Task, Condemns Us to HellWe’re terrified of our analog dollars becoming digital cents!
  50. apropos of nothing
    Ellen Page Not Doable Enough to Win Best Actress, Blogger ClaimsJeffrey Wells plays old-timey chauvinist again!
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