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    What They Had Trailer: Hilary Swank and Blythe Danner Remind You to Call MomAlso, call your dad. And your brother. Call everybody!
  2. Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon Reveal Their Strangest Interactions With Fans’I’m really going to let her down.”
  3. trailer mix
    Showtime’s Patrick Melrose Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Hates Being Lucid!What a great cast.
  4. chat room
    Blythe Danner on the Price of Aging, Insomnia, and Her First Starring Film Role“We all experience loss, and grief is the price we pay for loving. You have to not fall apart, and keep going.”
  5. movies
    Blythe Danner Breathes Life Into I’ll See You in My Dreams Danner is all three reasons to see the film.
  6. Let’s Explore TV’s Extended Family Trees, Courtesy of Frequent Guest Moms and DadsBunny from Sex and the City is the missing mom link between Sex and the City, Cheers, and Parenthood.
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    Blythe Danner Would ‘Do Glee’ With Gwyneth“Oh my gosh! You know what, I will do anything.”
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    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams to Remember the Days When Things Didn’t SuckPlus: Hedy Lamarr, scientist?