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Bob Benson

  1. gifcap
    Mad Men Season Finale GIFs: ‘Not Great, Bob!’But seriously, Bob Benson carves a turkey. Perfectly.
  2. finally
    Mad Men’s James Wolk on the Bob Benson Reveal and His Favorite Fan TheoryHe also discusses his real-life past as a bar mitzvah emcee. 
  3. the benson interruption
    Mad Men: The Other Bob Benson Shoe DropsThere’s more to Bob than just a knee nudge.
  4. gif-caps
    This Week’s Mad Men GIFs: Bob Benson Nudges a Knee and Roger JugglesSmall gestures reveal big things.
  5. conspiracy theory
    Matt Weiner and James Wolk Address the Bob Benson Conspiracy TheoriesWhat his creator and the actor who plays him have to say about Mad Men’s mystery man.
  6. something’s up with bob benson
    More Mad Men Theories: Who Is Bob Benson and What Does He Want?There’s just something about that guy …