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Bob Costas

  1. An Oral History of the Time Bob Costas Had Pink Eye at the Sochi Olympics“The decision to take him off air was … not difficult.”
  2. the end of an era
    After 24 Years, Bob Costas Will No Longer Host NBC’s Olympics CoverageCostas took over the network’s prime-time hosting in 1992.
  3. Harry Caray Taught Bob Costas the Secret to LifeThe four B’s. 
  4. Bob Costas Is Happy Lochte’s No Longer a BlondeThough he did take issue with Lochte’s word choice.
  5. 2016 olympics
    Bob Costas Will Anchor NBC’s Olympics CoverageWho’s ready for Rio 2016?
  6. may we suggest
    10 Stories From the Sochi Olympics That Should Get Film and TV AdaptationsHollywood will see you now, Bob Costas’s pink eye.