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  1. tiktok
    TikTok VFX Star Julian Bass Did Not Have to CGI Himself an AgentThe 20-year-old will now be represented by ICM Partners.
  2. disney
    Abigail Disney Criticizes Walt Disney Company Slashing Worker PayThe company kept executives’ bonuses intact.
  3. the industry
    A Tale of Two Bobs: What Disney’s CEO Shake-up Means for HollywoodIt’s no exaggeration to say Tinseltown has no clue who Bob Chapek is.
  4. we appreciate power
    Disney Names Bob Chapek New CEO, Bob Iger Steps DownThe most magical C-suite on Earth.
  5. but is it cinema?
    Bob Iger Says Directors Are Entitled to ‘Bitch’ About Marvel Movies“I reserve the word despicable for someone who committed mass murder.”
  6. a star war
    George Lucas Felt ‘Betrayed’ When Disney Ditched His Star Wars PlotsDisney CEO Bob Iger’s new book reveals details.
  7. the industry
    Disney Unlikely to Continue Filming in Georgia if Abortion Law Stands“I think many people who work for us will not want to work there,” CEO Bob Iger said.
  8. well!
    Abigail Disney: Maybe Bob Iger Is Paid an ‘Insane,’ Immoral Amount of Money?Okay!
  9. the streaming wars
    Disney Just Announced New Details About Its Streaming Service, Including a NameBob Iger has big plans for the Mouse House’s Netflix rival, which will launch late next year.
  10. streaming
    Disney’s Streaming Service Might Be Cheaper Than NetflixIt’ll be missing a few Star Wars movies but, come on, you can buy those at the store.
  11. roseanne
    President Trump Is Mad About Roseanne’s CancellationIn a tweet, Trump lashed out at Disney CEO Bob Iger.
  12. star wars
    Disney Is Developing Multiple Star Wars TV ShowsAnd they will belong specifically to the company’s forthcoming streaming platform.
  13. r rated
    Deadpool, a Bad Little Boy, Will Keep His R-Rating After Disney-Fox AcquisitionDisney CEO Bob Iger confirmed Deapool 2 can stay rated R.
  14. the industry
    Disney Confirms Third Star Wars Anthology MovieIt’ll come out a year after Episode IX.
  15. analysis
    Does Disney Have an Identity Crisis?The job has been vacant since Rich Ross lost his job last month. The next chief will have to figure out what “Disney” means in 2012.
  16. nightmare after christmas
    Disney Dumps Another ExecAnother old-timey Disney prez says good-bye.