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  1. The 11 Best Video Sketch Groups on the InternetInternet comedy is a scary arena. There is more good comedy on the web than any one person could ever consume; there’s also an over-whelming […]
  2. Jeff Foxworthy Reinvents Himself With a Move to Williamsburg Sure, making fun of hipsters may be getting a little worn out, but when you make a character called Hipster Foxworthy, in which Jeff Foxworthy […]
  3. Bjorn Standing Up: Doing Standup with a Baby In this new video from Bobby Chicago, Rob Lathan is Eddie Decker, aspiring standup and new father. Lathan is actually both a comedian and a […]
  4. Dog Gym: The Latest Workout Craze to Sweep the InternetI love this new video from Bobby Chicago featuring Rob Lathan as Vince Tornado, the creator of a new workout that combines working out and […]