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Body Horror

  1. Thelma’s Joachim Trier on Filming Lesbian Sex Scenes Sans the Male Gaze“I don’t think you can create art from a position of shame.”
  2. pregnancy horror
    Prevenge Is Proof We Need More Horror Movies About Pregnancy“When someone tells you to just ‘trust nature,’ you’re like, ‘No! We don’t live in nature!’”
  3. body horror
    Autopsy of Jane Doe Makes Body Horror TastefulThe Autopsy of Jane Doe has one of the year’s best performances in a horror film, and she never moves.
  4. vulture remix
    Watch The Santa Clause Become Truly HorrifyingOur latest Vulture Remix is ho, ho, horror.
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    Watch Björk’s ‘Mouth Mantra’ Video With CautionFrom her most recent album, Vulnicura
  6. body horror
    David Cronenberg Is Working on a TV ShowCalled Knifeman, about an old-timey surgeon.