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  1. last night on late night
    SNL’s Emily Spivey Describes her Two ‘Worst, Most Delicious Bombs’“I’ve never seen Lorne so angry.”
  2. Comedians Share Their Most Brutal, Humiliating, and Nightmare-Inducing […] No matter where they are in their career, one thing that all comedians have in common is the ability to take the worst moments in stride. […]
  3. Patton Oswalt Shares His ‘Beyond Bombing’ Standup Memory on ‘Late Night’All standups have at least one memory of bombing in front of an audience, but during last night’s Late Night, Patton Oswalt shared a “beyond […]
  4. Jimmy Fallon Offers Some Solid Advice on Fear and Bombing in StandupHere’s a Tonight Show web extra featuring Jimmy Fallon answering a fan’s question about bombing and being scared back when he started out as a […]
  5. Bombing in AfghanistanSometimes the sound of silence is strangling. Sometimes the stares of an unmoved audience are so disconcerting you lose your place, your words, […]
  6. An Animated Tig Notaro On Why It’s Good to Be Disliked in Suburban Denver Dumb Denver (DENVER! YEAH!) crowd from the past, you don’t know anything about anything. First, all your faces are weird. Second, who actually […]