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Boogie Nights

  1. appreciations
    Why Burt Reynolds Was Such a Compelling Sex SymbolNo film better synthesizes his appeal than Boogie Nights.
  2. the big man in the sky
    Mark Wahlberg Wants God to Forgive Him for Starring in One Particular FilmDo four Hail Marys for this one.
  3. i’m a star i’m a star
    Burt Reynolds Didn’t Love Acting for PT AndersonReynolds received an Oscar nomination for his performance in the film.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestUpon the release of his final movie, Mockingjay Part 2, we delve deep into the filmography of one of the all-time best actors.
  5. oscars
    The 8 Roles Julianne Moore Should Have Won Oscars ForShe’s the Meryl Streep of not winning Oscars.
  6. movies
    The Story Behind Mark Wahlberg’s Giant Boogie Nights PenisHow the sausage was made, if you will.
  7. porn stars
    Taylor Lautner, Your Newest Dirk DigglerJason Reitman’s doing another Boogie Nights reading.