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  1. oh my god
    We’re Not Dreaming, Book Club 2 Is HappeningMary Steenburgen with the breaking news!
  2. literature
    You Get Oprah’s New Book Club, and You Get Oprah’s New Book ClubThanks, Apple TV+.
  3. class is in session
    Welcome to Vulture’s First Spoiler Book Club: Severance by Ling Ma“This whole book was my favorite ‘Why I Left New York’ essay of all time.”
  4. fernando
    Are You Ready for the Summer of Thirsting After Andy García?Who gave Andy García the permission!
  5. Jane Fonda’s Extreme Bravery, Then and NowA look back at Jane Fonda’s most political and prolific decade — and why she’s been called “the most politically outspoken star in Hollywood history.”
  6. chat room
    Mary Steenburgen Hates the Phrase ‘Women of a Certain Age’The Book Club star on Beowulf, Craig T. Nelson, and why she thinks the movie’s message will resonate with 30-year-olds.
  7. movies
    A Comprehensive Look at the Alcohol Consumed in Book ClubThis may be the drunkest movie of all time.
  8. Deadpool 2 Has Record-Breaking Thursday, Meaning Not Enough of You Saw Book ClubDoes it have hot Andy Garcia, though?
  9. Book Club Is Far Warmer and Wiser Than It Needed to BeIf this is the Girls Trip of 2018, we’re not doing so shabby after all.
  10. last night on late night
    Diane Keaton Uses Her New Movie As an Excuse to Kiss Jimmy KimmelShe wanted to recreate one of her Book Club scenes using Kimmel as a stand-in for Andy García.
  11. Book Club Trailer: All Your Cool Moms Are Reading Fifty Shades NowChristian Grey, Diane and Jane will see you now.
  12. casting couch
    Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda to Star in Movie About Reading Fifty Shades of GreyGet some ice for your Keaton wine and join this septuagenarian book club.
  13. book club
    Revisit Bill O’Reilly’s Novel About a Villainous TV Newsman Seeking RevengeYou can’t make this stuff up.
  14. book club
    An Artist’s Nomadic Life in We Are Gypsies Now How 18 months turned into five years on the road.
  15. book club
    James Patterson Calls Out Amazon at Book ExpoThe author calls out Jeff Bezos’s empire and gets a standing ovation.
  16. vulture festival
    Watch the Vulture Festival Book ClubTalking with Chang-Rae Lee, Téa Obreht, and Akhil Sharma.
  17. in development
    The CW Is Developing a Book Club DramaAbout a woman who forms a book club with her mom and grandma.
  18. oprah book club 2.0
    Oprah Is Back With Book Club 2.0Updated for “our digital world.”
  19. Please Join The Splitsider Comedy Book ClubBook clubs are a complicated lot. On the plus side, you get a necessary peer-pressure push to read. On the negative, you have to go places and […]
  20. book club
    Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling Recommend Books Together, Just BecauseThis is too good.