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  1. book to film
    David Sedaris Story Gets Adapted for FilmAnd it’s about kitsch clocks.
  2. the industry
    Philip Roth Joins Scott Rudin’s CollectionPlus industry news on John Patrick Shanley’s new musical, Tucker Max’s new movie, and Sharpay’s ‘Teen Witch’ remake.
  3. the take
    Why Playing Scott Pilgrim Might Save Michael Cera’s CareerFor the first time, a character suggests a future in which Michael Cera isn’t playing high schoolers into his forties.
  4. the industry
    Michael Cera Is Scott Pilgrim!Cera will play Bryan Lee O’Malley’s lovable comic-book slacker; Geena Davis returns to TV; and Suzan Lori-Parks will direct Fences on Broadway.
  5. the industry
    Miramax, Rudin Living the ‘Lush Life’ With Richard PricePlus industry news on Sam Raimi’s new TV show.
  6. news reel
    ‘Daily Show’ Producer Josh Lieb Makes Million-Dollar Movie Deal With McG?“Barf,” says one insider.
  7. news reel
    Neil Gaiman and Josh Lieb Get Hollywood All Excited About YA Books AgainA spooky adventure, and a comedy of supervillainy.
  8. apropos of nothing
    Jeff Smith Finally Sells ‘Bone’ Movie RightsThe current roster of bankable box-office stars is notably free of homunculi.
  9. the industry
    Scott Rudin Gets in the Josh Ferris BusinessPlus: Leonardo DiCaprio as an ex-cop?
  10. you saw it here first
    Dimension Buys Film Rights to Joe Hill’s ‘Locke & Key’And Vulture has an excerpt.
  11. apropos of nothing
    Doug Brown’s 100-Days-of-Sex Memoir, ‘Just Do It,’ Optioned for Film, FinallyAnd how did author Doug Brown celebrate?
  12. the industry
    The Coens Will Translate Michael Chabon’s ‘Yiddish’ for RudinPlus industry news on Avril Lavigne, Matthew Broderick, and Thomas Jane.
  13. the take
    Harvey Weinstein Takes Our Advice!Will we follow through on our pledge not to make fun of him for six months?
  14. news reel
    ‘Agent Zigzag’ Sells to New Line for $1 Million?Is this Tom Hanks’ next role?
  15. news reel
    So What Happens Next for James Frey?James Frey’s new film agent prepares to submit his novel.
  16. news reel
    Hey Hollywood, Buy This Novel!Hey Hollywood directors: If you option this book, Vulture pledges not to make fun of you for a period of six (6) months.
  17. news reel
    Justin Cronin’s Vampire Trilogy Sold to Hollywood for $1.75 Million?The whole story of a mid-list novelist’s big break.
  18. news reel
    Ballantine Pays $3.75 Million for a Literary Novelist’s Vampire Trilogy?Last week, we hear, agent Ellen Levine at Trident Media closed a deal for a postapocalyptic vampire trilogy with editor Mark Tavani at Ballantine.
  19. news reel
    ‘Marley & Me’ With Race Cars? ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ for Dogs? Whatever, It’s Worth $1.2 Million to HarperCollinsWe’re hearing that Garth Stein’s novel The Art of Racing in the Rain, first discussed on Mediabistro’s Galleycat, has sold at auction for $1.2 million to Laurie Chittenden at HarperCollins.
  20. news reel
    ‘The Next Harry Potter’ Ignites the Next Hollywood Freak-Out
  21. news reel
    Author Has Sex for 100 Straight Days, Book Editors Get to Read About It
  22. the industry
    Mars Investigations Closed for Good?
  23. news reel
    Did Joshua Ferris’s Novel Sell to HBO?
  24. the industry
    The Three Amigos Can Be Yours for $100 Million
  25. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Private Eye for Michael Mann
  26. the industry
    The New Hollywood: Frank Miller Bigger Than Leonardo Dicaprio
  27. the industry
    Frank Langella Declares Victory Over Warren Beatty
  28. the industry
    George Clooney’s Brand Is Politics