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  1. true crime
    The Feds Bust D.C. DVD Bootlegging RingThe only DVD-related news you’ll read today.
  2. A History of Music Bootlegs, Told Through 25 of the Most Significant RecordingsFrom Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes up through Danger Mouse’s Grey Album.
  3. when bootlegs go legal
    On Bob Dylan’s New Bootlegs, The Cutting EdgeWe owe the bootleggers who first extolled unissued Dylan for a small handful of these canonical drafts — but that’s about it.
  4. unlikely fans
    Bootleg Argo DVDs Selling Like Hotcakes in IranThey, too, enjoy Ben Affleck’s beard.
  5. beat the boots
    Meet the Forgotten Victim of Digital Music Piracy: Scorpio, the Old-School Bootleg PirateThe salad days of the illegal concert recorder are over.