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Bound 2

  1. sample drama
    Dang, Kanye West Settled That Lawsuit Over His ‘Bound 2’ SampleThe one from 2013.
  2. sample drama
    Kanye West Is Being Sued for ‘Bound 2’ SampleBy Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s Ricky Spicer.
  3. radio vulture
    Rosen: Why James Franco and Seth Rogen’s ‘Bound 2’ Parody SucksThe only thing “Bound 3” added to “Bound 2” was Seth Rogen’s man-pelt.
  4. parodies
    James Franco and Seth Rogen Remade ‘Bound 2’Except Seth got to keep his nipples.
  5. art
    Jerry Saltz on Kanye, Kim, and ‘the New Uncanny’“They toggle back into demented sincerity while simultaneously remaining alien.”
  6. vulture lists
    From ‘November Rain’ to ‘Bound 2’: Ranking Couples in Music VideosWill their love last longer than this video?
  7. videology
    ‘Bound 2’ Video: Kanye and Topless Kim Ride a MotorcyclePretty green screen.