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  1. retirements
    Bow Wow Retires From Rap at Age 29Best known for hits like “Let Me Hold You.”
  2. trailer mix
    Lottery Ticket Trailer: Ugh, Chris Partlow From The Wire Is in a Bow Wow MovieOutrage!
  3. the industry
    MTV to Remake, Desecrate Teen WolfPlus: ‘The L Word’ gets real.
  4. quote machine
    Is Simon Cowell Starting to Prepare Us for His American Idol Exit?Plus: Eliza Dushku hates wearing clothes.
  5. quote machine
    Music Business Could’ve Been Saved If Only All Those Guys Who Aren’t Bono Had Done SomethingPlus: Gretchen Mol doesn’t like all this ugly gossip about JFK.
  6. quote machine
    Bow Wow Stuns Himself Sometimes, He Can’t Even FrontPlus: James Franco expresses his admiration for Helen Mirren’s bod.
  7. quote machine
    Everybody Knows How Tight Omarion Wears His Pants, So Why Wouldn’t Bow Wow Joke on His Homeboy?Plus: Roger Daltrey on the good old days, and Julianne Moore on her children, who will one day grow to hate her.
  8. quote machine
    Anne Hathaway Is KindPlus: David Cook on butchering the national anthem, and the naked guy from ‘Sex and the City.’
  9. the industry
    Punch-out! Mike Tyson Documentary Coming to TheatersPlus: Bow Wow joins ‘Entourage,’ Sam Neill joins ‘Crusoe,’ and Blake Lively’s brother joins the ‘24’ prequel.
  10. right-click
    Jared Leto More Daft Than PunkThe Flaming Lips, Omarion, and more!