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  1. the industry
    Moving Pictures Are Big Business Again, Kid!People are going to the movies again, big time.
  2. movies
    Aquaman Is Definitely Not Underwater This ChristmasSee, because it made a lot of money, get it?
  3. box office
    Mortal Engines Slowly Grinds to a Halt, May Lose $100 Million at the Box OfficeThe big-budget steam punk fantasy film made only $7.5 million its opening weekend.
  4. bohemian rhapsody
    Good Job, Rami Malek: Bohemian Rhapsody Is Highest-Grossing Musician Biopic EverThe new record holder at home and abroad.
  5. box office
    Crazy Rich Asians Did Not Have a Crazy Good Opening in ChinaOne reviewer likened it to “General Tso’s chicken.”
  6. box office
    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Enchants the Weekend Box OfficeThough not as much as the first Fantastic Beasts.
  7. $$$$
    Bohemian Rhapsody Is Having Such a Good Time, Having a Ball at the Box Office$50 million alert!
  8. box office
    Why Jamie Lee Curtis Should Absolutely Brag About Halloween’s Opening Weekend“OK. I’m going for one BOAST post.”
  9. box office
    Halloween Might Break the October Box Office RecordLook out, record! He’s right behind you!
  10. box office gold
    The Symbiotes Controlling Our Bodies Gave Venom the Biggest October Opening EverDon’t worry: A lot of the symbiotes loved A Star Is Born too.
  11. box office
    Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 Is BombingIt’s hard to compete with The House With a Clock in Its Walls. I mean, there’s a clock in the walls.
  12. box office
    What The Nun’s Huge Opening Weekend Means for Horror This YearChasing the ghost of 2017.
  13. $$$
    It’s Not Crazy at All How Crazy Rich Asians Won the Box Office This WeekendIt beat that Mark Wahlberg thriller by … a lot.
  14. movies
    Boots Riley Says Distributors Are Rejecting Sorry to Bother You“Even tho we’r outperforming a gang of other movies, distributors r claiming “Black movies” dont do well internationally”
  15. movies
    Ant-Man and the Wasp Has Really Big Opening WeekendThe sequel is actually doing better than the original, imagine that.
  16. box office gold
    Incredibles 2 Pulls in $180 Million for the Biggest Animated Debut of All TimeYou might say the Incredibles 2 opening-weekend box office was … very good.
  17. Why Did Solo: A Star Wars Story Bomb at the Box Office?The stand-alone prequel fell well short of financial expectations over its opening weekend. So what happened?
  18. box office
    Ron Howard Is Looking on the Bright Side Despite a Lackluster Solo OpeningHe still feels the force.
  19. box office
    Uh-Oh, Things Might Not Be Looking Great for SoloMoviegoers are choosing instead to go outside, maybe?
  20. box office
    Solo Box-Office Estimates: So Low?Solo’s opening weekend is expected to gross around $130 to $150 million in toto.
  21. box office gold
    A Quiet Place Has Made a Very Loud $300 Million Around the WorldThe little creature feature that could is a huge winner for Paramount.
  22. box office gold
    Deadpool 2 Shoots to the Top of the Box Office, Takes Out Avengers: Infinity WarIn the end, however, Deadpool 2 couldn’t defeat its real opponent: the other Deadpool.
  23. $$$$
    Holy Smokes, Avengers: Infinity War Already Made $1 BillionThe movie hasn’t even opened in China yet.
  24. The Changing Calculus of How Hollywood Makes SequelsMovies like Super Troopers 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp are rewriting Hollywood’s franchise playbook.
  25. your box office explained
    A Quiet Place Had the Best Opening Ever for an Original Horror MovieWith a $50 million debut weekend, it’s also the third-highest opening for any horror film overall.
  26. Don’t Blame Black Panther’s Success for Other Movies’ FailuresIf other movies haven’t lived up to expectations this spring, that’s on them.
  27. $$$$
    Black Panther Has Crossed the $1 Billion MarkThe Marvel movie becomes one of the fastest films in history to earn ten figures.
  28. box office gold
    Black Panther Bounds Past Box Office Predictions for a Massive Opening WeekendMarvel’s latest blew Deadpool away and keeps climbing over the three-day weekend.
  29. Rawr! Black Panther Made $25.2 Million Thursday NightThat’s a lot of vibranium.
  30. box office
    Black Panther Is Poised to Be the Biggest February Premiere of All TimeCurrent tracking predicts the film could have a $165 million domestic box office, ahead of Deadpool and many of its fellow MCU films.
  31. money money money
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was the Highest-Grossing Film in 2017It’s earned over $1 billion worldwide since opening less than three weeks ago.
  32. Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Isn’t Actually a Box-Office DisappointmentWhat The Last Jedi’s box-office performance might really be in need of is a little context.
  33. $$$$
    So, How Much Money Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi Make This Weekend?It obviously made a lot of money. But how much?
  34. hella tight
    Lady Bird Just Became the Best-Reviewed Movie on Rotten TomatoesThat’s hella tight.
  35. box office
    Happy Death Day Breaks $100 Million As Horror Continues Its Box-Office DominanceThe suspense genre has proven to be Hollywood’s best investment option in 2017.
  36. box office
    Thor: Ragnarok Has Already Made $650 MillionTaika Waititi’s first Marvel outing is on pace to be the biggest superhero movie of the year.
  37. experiments
    A Movie’s Popularity Will Determine Ticket Prices at Some Regal Cinemas in 2018Less popular movies and off-peak showtimes will become cheaper, while blockbusters and date nights will get more expensive.
  38. box office
    It Beats The Exorcist to Become the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie of All TimePennywise dances past the half-billion mark.
  39. it's science!
    Movies Might Not Be Tanking Because of Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores After AllYves Bergquist of USC’s Entertainment Technology Center says there is no correlation between the site’s scores and movies’ box-office returns.
  40. a box office so big it's scary
    The New It Had the Biggest Opening Weekend for a Horror Movie EverAs it turns out, ya do want it.
  41. bad news
    Numbers Are In And The Summer Box Office Officially Tanked This YearIf only Wonder Woman could just be re-released every month.
  42. weekend box office
    This Weekend Might Well Be the Worst Labor Day Weekend Box Office Since the ’90sAnd The Hitman’s Bodyguard is reaping all the benefits.
  43. $$$$$
    The Box Office Just Suffered Its Worst Weekend Since 2014A few factors are to blame.
  44. weekend box office
    Marred by Controversy, Detroit Is Off to a Sluggish Start at the Box OfficeWas the movie hurt commercially by an intensifying backlash?
  45. box office
    Baywatch Is Doing Great in Germany, Where They Still Love David HasselhoffThe Rock thanked the film’s German fans on Instagram.
  46. weekend box office
    The New Spider-Man Franchise Is a Success, Which Has Definitely Been Said BeforeRemember when The Amazing Spider-Man and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man also successfully launched new franchises?
  47. record breakers
    Wonder Woman Is Now the Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie to DateThe film officially passed Batman v Superman in domestic gross over Fourth of July weekend.
  48. sequels
    A Dog’s Purpose Made So Much Money in China It’s Getting a SequelThe film’s advertising campaign targeted China’s dog-owning middle class.
  49. flops
    The Mummy Is the Latest Summer-Season FlopUniversal had a lot riding on this reboot, which is rather puzzling.
  50. box office
    Pirates of the Caribbean Boasts a No. 1 at the Weekend Box OfficeDead men are allowed to brag a little.
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