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  1. oscars 2018
    The Short List for Best Foreign Language Film Has Been ReleasedBPM and First They Killed My Father failed to make the cut.
  2. 2017, the Year Movies and TV Came On Your ScreenThis year, TV and film hit us with their best shots.
  3. The 10 Best Movies of 2017Including Call Me by Your Name, BPM, and Valerian.
  4. BPM Is a Radical Gay Love StoryHow Robin Campillo made the most vital AIDS drama ever.
  5. BPM Is a Vital Testament to Public ActionWe should watch BPM and ask, “How disruptive are we willing to be?”
  6. BPM Is the First AIDS Film Where the Group Is the HeroSuch a film about the epidemic has never been made, nor perhaps ever will be made, in the United States.