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Bradford Cox

  1. discographies
    Deerhunter Front Man Bradford Cox Dissects Some of Deerhunter’s Best Songs“Everything we’ve done, we’ve suffered to do it. It’s never been easy,”
  2. epic rants
    Bradford Cox Will Now Explain His Decision to Play ‘My Sharona’ for an Hour“It was like a death trance.”
  3. radio vulture
    Lost in Dream-Pop: Shimmering New Music From King Krule and Bradford CoxA London teenager and a Georgia indie-rock leader find a common sound.
  4. cox-ups
    Sony Apologizes to Guy From DeerhunterA happy ending.
  5. cox-ups
    Sony Shuts Down Deerhunter Guy’s Free Demo Series for No Good ReasonIt’s all fixed now, though.
  6. right-click
    Fall Out Boy Cover Their BasesPlus: The Notwist!