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  1. BrainDead Season Finale Recap: Election DayBrainDead’s final offering is good, silly fun.
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    BrainDead Recap: A Charming Bohemian AffectationThis isn’t Gunsmoke, Jonathan Coulton!
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    BrainDead Recap: Barely Concealed ContemptTony Shalhoub is having a whole lot of fun, isn’t he?
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    BrainDead Recap: You Know That for Not a Fact?BrainDead is having an identity crisis.
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    Behind BrainDead’s Very Unusual ‘Previously On’ Segments“It’s strange to take something that has such a utilitarian purpose and make it entertainment.”
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    BrainDead Recap: Our Bugs, OurselvesAlien bugs like hate sex. Who knew?
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    BrainDead Recap: What Would Jack Bauer Do?You’re so much better than this, BrainDead.
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    BrainDead Recap: Everything“Past as Prologue” leans into the sheer goofiness of BrainDead’s premise.
  9. BrainDead Recap: Everybody Hates EverybodyThis episode is a big step backwards from a very fun cliffhanger.
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    BrainDead Recap: A Cat CAT ScanFour episodes in, BrainDead is coming into its own.
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    BrainDead Recap: The Party of AdultsThe political theater of BrainDead isn’t measuring up to the political theater of reality.
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    BrainDead Recap: Exploding Heads in D.C.Laurel is falling down the rabbit hole. Will BrainDead do the same?
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    BrainDead Series Premiere Recap: The Ants Go MarchingIt’s ants! Alien ants! Ants that will make a zombie out of you!
  14. The Kings on the Politics of BrainDead“It was based on … this very weird moment in D.C. where everything seemed to go off the rails.”
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    BrainDead Is a Delightfully Weird ShowA lot of heads explode on this show.
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    TGW Showrunners on Bringing the Show to an End“At a certain point, even we were aware that you start repeating yourself.”