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  1. rebecca is a food critic now
    Lady Gaga’s Newest Collab Is Dropping … Into a Glass of MilkChromatica x Oreos is coming whether we want it or not.
  2. stand-up
    The One Word Almost Every Comedian Says in Their Netflix Special(It’s “Netflix.”)
  3. Branding Your Infant for the 21st Century Marketplace, by Pablo GoldsteinHello, Los Feliz Lamaze! Lane Bronson is the name, branding is my game. Nancy, or Mom as I like to call her, came down with the flu, so I’ll be […]
  4. branding
    Adele Doesn’t Care About Your Brand; Her Brand Is Adele“If I wanted to just be famous, like be a celebrity, then I wouldn’t do music.”
  5. A Company Asked Patton Oswalt to Tweet About Popular Brands, and It Blew […]Friday afternoon, a company called Brander solicited comedian Patton Oswalt via Twitter to ask him to tweet about products they represent, and […]
  6. branding
    Sigur Rós Now Selling Sigur Rós Candles“This candle burns for 35 evocative hours of ‘instant Iceland,’ or something like that.”
  7. branding
    Ke$ha, Now Pioneering Collector’s Edition CondomsKe$ha, the prophylactic. Makes sense.
  8. Is the New Comedy Central Logo Bad, or Do You Just Hate Change?A professional in the worlds of branding and corporate identity takes a look at the new Comedy Central logo: “The two basic complaints are that […]
  9. branding
    Comedy Central Unveils Serious New LogoAnd it kind of looks like a copyright symbol.
  10. Say Hello to Comedy Central’s New Look and LogoComedy Central just unveiled its new makeover, its first major redo in over a decade. It’s a play on the copyright symbol, and it’s certainly a […]
  11. branding
    Russell Brand on Helen Mirren, Diddy, David Lynch, Morrissey, and Pretty Much Everything Else“Somebody’s ovulating near here.”
  12. The Comedy Consultant: 8 Ideas For Your Unique Comedy BrandLike everything else in our hyper-connected multi-platform macro-digital age, comedy has become increasingly fragmented. Whereas once comedians […]
  13. branding
    Jerry Seinfeld Wants His Name to Help Colin QuinnHe directed Quinn’s one-man show and took over the program.
  14. product placement
    Reitman Responsible For Up in the Air Hilton DealThe agreement reportedly helped the lower-budget film get made.
  15. branding
    MTV Logo Now a Little ShorterThe bottom part (where it used to say “Music Television”) is chopped off.