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Brandon Blackstock

  1. ranch chronicles
    Kelly Clarkson Settles Divorce, Finally Gets Her Ranch BackBrandon Blackstock must move out by June and pay $2,000 a month in the meantime.
  2. leave (get out)
    Kelly Clarkson Can’t Get Her Ex to Leave Her Montana RanchHe reportedly won’t be evicted from the property, which she was awarded in their divorce.
  3. splits
    Kelly Clarkson’s Prenup Got Upheld, So She Celebrated on Set at The VoiceAs she should have!
  4. splits
    Kelly Clarkson Owes Brandon Blackstock Nearly $200K a Month in DivorceHe reportedly wanted more than double the amount in spousal and child support.
  5. the law
    Kelly Clarkson Claims Her Ex Defrauded Her for Over a DecadeBrandon Blackstock allegedly managed Clarkson without a talent-agent license since 2007.