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Brandon Wardell

  1. Brandon Wardell Is Releasing an ASMR Comedy Album Next MonthStandup Brandon Wardell must be extremely aware of how many views ASMR videos get on YouTube, because he’s tapping into that crinkle- and […]
  2. Catching Up with Brandon Wardell Reading Brandon Wardell’s Twitter account is like looking at online humor and culture through a prism. He seems to reflect our every joke, […]
  3. The Young Standup: Brandon Wardell on Drake, Bob Odenkirk, and Taking the […]At 22 he may be young, but he looks even younger. With a recent move to Los Angeles from his native DC, Brandon Wardell’s notoriety in the […]
  4. Bob Odenkirk’s New Album ‘Amateur Hour’ Is Out November 25thOver the summer it was announced that Bob Odenkirk was taping his very first comedy album Amateur Hour, which will also include rising standup […]
  5. Bob Odenkirk Has a New Album and Upcoming Tour with Brandon WardellIn an uncommon but awesome move, Bob Odenkirk is including his opening act Brandon Wardell on his new album Amateur Hour, which was recorded […]