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  1. All 20 Pixar Movies, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Coco to Cars 3.
  2. harvey weinstein
    A Timeline of What Happened to Rose McGowan Immediately After Her Alleged RapeThe actress details responses from her agent, managers: “I just had an exposé about him killed in the L.A. Times; he owes it to me to not do this.”
  3. archery
    Arrow: Why Are Film and TV Obsessed With Archery?What about all the other weapons?
  4. knockoffs
    Disney Threatens Knockoff Studio for BraverIt’s like Brave, but different. 
  5. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: July Fourth EditionSavages gets squeezed out, but could it increase its haul this upcoming weekend?
  6. summer movies 2012
    Why Can’t This Summer’s Movie Villains Come Up With a Good Plan?From Brave to Prometheus, they just can’t seem to get it together.
  7. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Pixar’s Brave Is This Weekend’s HeroPixar proved it hasn’t lost the confidence of moviegoers.
  8. Pixar’s Brave Proves Kids Like a Scruffy HeroineAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, meanwhile, proved the concept was bad to begin with.
  9. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Pixar’s Brave Is Fast, Funny, UnpretentiousThe generic title and mythic-female-empowerment posters for Brave don’t prepare you for the rollicking comedy to come.
  10. vulture lists
    The First 12 Pixar Movies, RankedWhich movie is No. 1?
  11. hair
    The Red Hair in Brave Was Made of 1,500 CurlsThat’s a lot of computer animation.
  12. brave
    Watch a Spoof Trailer for BraveHow does this make ewe feel?
  13. brave
    Watch More Clips From BraveKatniss is a redhead?!
  14. brave
    Watch a New Clip From Pixar’s Brave#momproblems
  15. steve jobs
    Pixar’s Brave Remembers Steve Jobs As a Friend and MentorIt’s the studio’s first film since the Apple head’s death.
  16. recastings
    See The Avengers Reimagined As Pixar CharactersPulled from Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Up, Monsters, Inc., and Brave (upcoming).
  17. brave
    Meet Merida From BraveAnd the Disney marketing machine starts its engines …
  18. vulture's summer movie preview
    An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s MoviesHelpful pie charts and graphs explaining Battleship, Magic Mike, Prometheus, and more.
  19. trailer mix
    New Brave Footage: Pixar Hosts the Highland GamesAdorable.
  20. pixar
    See a New Still From Pixar’s BraveRed hair floweth.
  21. Pixar’s Brave Challenged by Atlanta BravesThe name of the movie is in dispute.
  22. Full Brave Trailer: Pixar’s Red Head RedemptionMeet Merida, Pixar’s new action heroine.
  23. trailer mix
    Brave Trailer: Pixar’s First Action HeroineFinally, the premier animation studio makes a girl the lead character.
  24. pixar
    Did Pixar Just Replace Its First Female Director?Rumors are circulating that the studio’s 2010 film ‘Brave’ has shown Brenda Chapman the door.
  25. lady issues
    Pixar Hires First Lady DirectorFor first lady movie.