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  1. Did You Catch the Brazil Reference in The Last Jedi?Bureaucracy calls, even in a galaxy far, far away.
  2. Hanging in the Babylonests With Hélio OiticicaPre-Instagram pretty boys lounge.
  3. 2016 olympics
    Gisele Bündchen Wins Gold in the Long-Distance CatwalkShe does it well, but …
  4. sports
    Watch the Olympics 2016 Theme Song Music VideoSports! Brazil! Good Times!
  5. movie reviews
    The Second Mother Uses Little Moments of Humiliation to Open Our EyesIf there’s such a thing as humiliation drama, this is it.
  6. future of movies
    How Have Movies Imagined What Movies Will Look Like?Maybe we’ll all just reenact movies in a postapocalyptic society.
  7. today in pop stars
    Justin Bieber Visited a BrothelIn Brazil.
  8. Terry Gilliam Feels Every Cut as a CastrationMonths after Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was already a success abroad, he and the studio were still fighting over how to cut it for America. When […]
  9. The Backlash Against Brazil’s Anti-Humor LawWelcome to beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Home to the world-famous Carnvial, Christ-the-Redeemer, Stan Getz’s Ipanema, caiprihinas, samba! And also […]
  10. overnights
    Amazing Race Finale Recap: Baby, They Got Me In All Sorts of Tight StuffDancing the samba, Brazilian waxes, and a tricycle race determined this season’s winner.
  11. tube junkie
    Score From ‘Brazil’ Wildly Popular, For Some ReasonBecause nothing says “animated children’s film” quite like “negative Utopia.”