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  1. breakups
    T.J. Miller Discusses His ‘Contrarian’ Relationship with Thomas MiddleditchGoodbye, Erlich Bachman.
  2. breakups
    Harry Styles Is Perfectly Fine With Taylor Swift Writing Songs About Him“She doesn’t need me to tell her they’re great. They’re great songs … It’s the most amazing unspoken dialogue ever.”
  3. right-click
    Listen to Ex-Dirty Projectors Member Amber Coffman’s ‘No Coffee’From her forthcoming album City of No Reply.
  4. Amber Coffman Called Leaving Dirty Projectors ‘a Loss’ But a ‘Healthy Choice’Coffman responds to the breakup album Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth wrote about her.
  5. brangelina divorce
    Brad Pitt Is Apparently Listening to Bon Iver to Recover From His DivorceBrad Pitt is probably leaning deep into some For Emma, Forever Ago deep cuts.
  6. going solo
    Camila Cabello Clarifies Why She Left Fifth Harmony“The easiest route would be to shut my mouth, sing the songs, wear the clothes and keep going, you know?”
  7. breakups
    Regis Philbin Explains Why He and Kelly Ripa Don’t Talk Anymore“She got very offended when I left.”
  8. where's the beef?
    Camila Cabello Hits Back at Fifth HarmonyShe says she informed the group of her departure, not “representatives.”
  9. breakups
    Chairlift Are Breaking Up, So Prepare to Do a Lot of Crying in PublicCaroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly are going their separate ways after their final shows next spring.
  10. breakups
    2NE1’s CL and Dara Apologize to Fans for BreakupThey also confirm the existence of an unfinished final album.
  11. break-ups
    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Are Separating After 11 Years Together“The best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple.”
  12. Brad Pitt’s Movie Allied Just Became a Must-SeeHollywood is always ready with a reboot.
  13. Summer Is Over; Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Reportedly Are, TooSeasons change.
  14. hidden messages
    Listen to Calvin Harris’s Attempt to Out–Taylor Swift Taylor SwiftIt all hinges on whether you think “low-key” means “Loki.”
  15. breakups
    Peter Buck Explains the Casual Way R.E.M. Broke Up“Technically, the band broke up. But we didn’t really.”
  16. breakups
    PLL’s Tyler Blackburn Is All for Caleb & SpencerAshley and Keegan were less enthused.
  17. boy bands
    Did One Direction Break Up for Good?Conflicting reports!
  18. breakups
    Did Leonardo DiCaprio Dump His Girlfriend to Get That Oscar?We’re just asking questions here.
  19. breakups
    Elizabeth Olsen Breakup Timing Was Not the BestIt’s very sad.
  20. breakups
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s Breakup, As Told By Adele’s 25We all know what “When We Were Young” is really about.
  21. breakups
    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Broke Up Ages AgoThe couple dated for four years.
  22. breakups
    Miss Piggy and Kermit Have Also Called It QuitsIs nothing sacred?
  23. one direction
    Another One Down: Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards End Their EngagementHis wings were made to fly.
  24. breakups
    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Are Living Out Your Worst Breakup FearsThe ex-couple endured reshoots for The Last Face.
  25. vulture lists
    10 Miranda Lambert Songs That’ll Help Miranda Lambert Cope With Her DivorceMiranda only needs Miranda — and maybe her mama — to get her through this.
  26. drama
    Nicki Minaj Beautifully Ethered Ex-Boyfriend’s Dis Song“Enough with the pity party. Just live your life.”
  27. speeeech!
    Sam Smith Thanks the Jerk Who Broke His Heart in His Grammys Speech“Thank you so much for breaking my heart.”
  28. breakups
    Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Have SeparatedThe pair parted ways “amicably” months ago.
  29. method acting
    Mindy Kaling Fights With Her ‘Ex’ on Jimmy Kimmel“You are not winning this breakup, my friend.”
  30. break-ups
    The Jonas Brothers Have Officially Broken UpWe are sorry for your child’s loss.
  31. break-ups
    Guess We Now Know How the 40 Days of Dating Movie Will EndGuess we now know how the tentative “40 Days of Dating” movie might end?
  32. breakups
    Here’s Your Official ‘Nicki Minaj Is Done With American Idol’ Report“She had a great time but was only going to do one season anyway.”
  33. breakups
    My Chemical Romance Announce Split“Like all great things, it has come time for it to end.”
  34. break-ups
    The Miley-Liam Breakup Rumors Are Getting SeriousAw.
  35. breakups
    The Mars Volta Break UpThe prog duo combusted on Twitter.
  36. break-ups
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Available for DatesShe broke up with Nicholas Hoult.
  37. breakups
    Ashton Kutcher Gets Around to Actually Divorcing Demi Moore Demi just kept forgetting to deal with the papers.
  38. breakups
    Das Racist Is Done“Das Racist is breaking up and we’re not a band anymore.”
  39. breakups
    Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber Over ‘Trust Issues’Sorry, tweens.  
  40. break-ups
    Brian Wilson: It ‘Feels Like We’re Being Fired’“Al and I want to keep going because we believe we owe it to the music.”
  41. breakups
    Mike Love Didn’t Fire Brian Wilson, Says Mike LoveIt was more of a “not invited back” thing.
  42. breakups
    Brian Wilson Got Fired From the Beach BoysReunion’s over, friends.
  43. breakups
    We Are Sorry to Inform You That LMFAO Is No More“Sorry.”
  44. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is Going to Spend Sweeps Breaking UpHow I Met Your Mother is going to spend its first few weeks building relationships - Barney and Quinn, Ted and Victoria, Robin and Nick […]
  45. break-ups
    Katy Perry, John Mayer No Longer Doing That Thing They Were DoingTheir on-the-nose coupling is no more.
  46. breakups
    Stephen King’s Rock Band Calls It QuitsThe Rock Bottom Remainders are hanging it up.
  47. break-ups
    Vulture Imagines Katy Perry’s First Breakup SongLet the healing begin.
  48. break-ups
    Katy Perry and Dr. Luke Are Breaking UpIt’s too true.
  49. breakups
    No Spousal Support for You, Kris HumphriesJust the memories.
  50. tv
    Kardashian Divorce May Finally Remove Kardashian Wedding From AirwavesSilver linings, and all that.
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