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  1. chat room
    Brett Gelman Is Ready to Play a Good VillainThe Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse star says, “I want to stretch myself and do everything that I know I can do.”
  2. movie review
    Without Remorse Is Also Without a Single Moment of ExcitementHow is this Michael B. Jordan action movie, which is headed to Amazon, so dreary?
  3. last night on late night
    Brett Gelman Revisits His Very Tiny Role on The Colbert ReportThe Fleabag star almost got his big break as a fake morning-show host.
  4. easter eggs
    You Can Call Stranger Things 3’s Murray Bauman, But He Doesn’t Want to Chat“Hang up and never call here again! You are a parasite!”
  5. Brett Gelman’s Classic “iBrain” Bit Helped ‘Comedy Death-Ray/Bang Bang’ […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. The 35th episode of Comedy Bang […]
  6. vulture lists
    What to Know About the New Stranger Things CharactersLike any good sequel, Stranger Things gets a lot bigger in season two.
  7. The Hilariously Bleak Janicza Bravo Is the New Voice of ComedyMeet the idiosyncratic director Michael Cera, Judy Greer, Donald Glover, and Sarah Jessica Parker all want to work with.
  8. Lemon Is Not the Flailing-White-Male Sundance Comedy You Think It IsThe sublimely awkward debut feature from Janicza Bravo turns a subgenre on its head.
  9. Check Out a Clip from Janicza Bravo’s Movie ‘Lemon’ Featuring Brett Gelman […]Ahead of Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman’s movie Lemon premiering in theaters, iTunes, On Demand, and Amazon Video this week, here’s a sneak […]
  10. Check Out the Trailer for Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman’s Movie ‘Lemon’Last year it was announced that wife/husband team Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman were making a movie together, and today the trailer was […]
  11. Brett Gelman and King Cyrus King Just Released Every Episode of ‘Gelmania’ […]Now that we’re deep in the bizarre nightmare hellscape that is Trump America, Brett Gelman and Cyrus Ghahremani (AKA King Cyrus King) have made […]
  12. cancellations
    Adult Swim Cancels Million Dollar ExtremeAfter months of pushback.
  13. casting couch
    Brett Gelman Cast in Stranger Things Season TwoMeet Brett Gelman’s Murray Bauman, a disgraced ex-journalist.
  14. Brett Gelman Explains His Decision to Cut Ties with Adult SwimIn response to their exceptionally poor track record of ordering shows by women and promotion of the alt-right comedians and fans behind […]
  15. irreconcilable differences
    Brett Gelman ‘Severs Ties’ With Adult Swim Over the ‘Misogyny of Their Policies’He’s not happy about the network’s show catering to the alt-right, either.
  16. Brett Gelman Says He’s Severed Ties with Adult Swim Due to Their Treatment […]Adult Swim came under fire this year after it was revealed that they have no projects in the works by women, and now, one of the network’s […]
  17. Jon Glaser and Brett Gelman Made a Live Episode of ‘You Made It Weird’ […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. When Pete Holmes invited Eric […]
  18. Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, and Michael Cera to Star in Dark Comedy ‘Lemon’Brett Gelman just landed a starring film role. According to Variety, Gelman will star alongside Judy Greer and Michael Cera in Lemon, which […]
  19. Brett Gelman on Confronting White Liberal Racism in ‘Brett Gelman’s Dinner […] Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America – the third installment of Gelman and co-creator Jason Woliner’s Dinner series – premieres tonight at […]
  20. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s JoshyCo-starring Adam Pally’s amazing hair.
  21. ‘Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America’ Airs on Adult Swim July 1stBrett Gelman’s and Jason Woliner’s third Adult Swim Dinner special just got a premiere date. The network announced today that Brett Gelman’s […]
  22. Amazon Picks Up British Import ‘Fleabag’ Featuring Brett Gelman Amazon has ordered a sexually explicit feminist comedy-drama from the UK. Currently filming in London, Fleabag will air this fall on Prime […]
  23. sundance 2016
    Kroll, Pally, Gelman, Middleditch Talk Joshy“Everybody at one point on this movie had a bit of a meltdown. They were just like, “Everybody, you gotta NOT TALK TO ME TODAY!”
  24. ‘Jeff and Some Aliens’ Gets a 10-Episode Series Order at Comedy CentralLast year, Comedy Central announced that it was developing a recurring segment from animated series TripTank into a potential series, and […]
  25. chat room
    Brett Gelman on Playing a Naked Hippie in the Mad Men FinaleAnd what the last table read was like.
  26. Adult Swim Announces Pilots and Specials from Jon Daly, Seth Green, Tim […]Ahead of its upfront presentation next week, Adult Swim just revealed its huge slate of upcoming pilots, including a new animated sketch show […]
  27. Expose Yourself to the Dark Side of Life with Brett GelmanFrom early in his life Brett Gelman knew he wanted to be a comedian. Heavily influenced by the Marx Brothers and Mel Brooks, Gelman worked his […]
  28. Brett Gelman’s New Adult Swim Special Airs on February 13thBrett Gelman is returning to Adult Swim next month, and it’s a family affair. His new special, titled Dinner with Family with Brett Gelman and […]
  29. Brett Gelman Gets in Bed with Joan Rivers for a ChatHere’s the newest installment of In Bed With Joan with guest Brett Gelman, in which he and Joan chat about everything from UCB to his Funny or […]
  30. Paul F. Tompkins, Brett Gelman, and Heather Anne Campbell Caption Some Bad […]Here’s a segment from last night’s @midnight with guests Paul F. Tompkins, Heather Anne Campbell, and Brett Gelman, in which they suggest the […]
  31. Brett Gelman and Jon Daly Have a Dark Neighborly Dispute in ‘Little […]Here’s a web video called “Little Neighbors” starring Brett Gelman and Jon Daly and made by Video Lou, a fictional character created by […]
  32. Brett Gelman’s ‘Dinner with Friends’ Is One of the Darkest and Funniest […]Adult Swim has long been committed to airing some of the most innovative, writer-driven comedies on TV, and that trend continues with Dinner […]
  33. Talking to Brett Gelman About His New Adult Swim SpecialTomorrow night, Adult Swim is airing Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends, a new half-hour special starring comedian Brett Gelman […]
  34. Watch a Trailer for Brett Gelman’s New Adult Swim Special Last week, Adult Swim announced that they’re premiering a new special called Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends that Brett […]
  35. Brett Gelman Has a New Adult Swim Special Premiering April 24thAdult Swim is set to premiere a new TV special later this month from Brett Gelman and Jason Woliner (Eagleheart), Splitsider has learned. […]
  36. Human Giant Fires T-Shirt Guns at Audience (Then Sits Down for Panel […]The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  37. Jenny Slate and Brett Gelman Join Nat Faxon and Judy Greer’s FX PilotThere’s a pilot at FX that’s lining up one hell of an impressive cast of comedy people. Deadline reports that Jenny Slate (SNL, Parks and Rec) […]
  38. comedy week
    See Poehler, Corddry, Fey, More at the Old UCBA gallery of shots from when future comedy stars (Rob Corddry, Jack McBrayer, Aubrey Plaza) learned improv while SNL stars stopped by to work out.
  39. Watch Tim Heidecker and Brett Gelman Have Lunch (Again) Tim & Eric Week continues on the YouTube channel JASH. Yesterday, they debuted the duo’s new web series Tim & Eric Go Pro, and today, […]
  40. Watch the First Episode of Tim & Eric’s New Web Series Comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have a new six-day web series starting today and running daily until Sunday. Here’s the first […]
  41. ‘Go On’: Can America Embrace a Sitcom This Sad?I cried twice while watching the Go On pilot. This doesn’t mean two tears; I’m talking about two distinct cries. Sure, yes, I’m prone to crying […]
  42. Brett Gelman Is the Twisted Jewish Santa When you hear a sketch called “Jewish Santa Is Coming,” you probably think you know what you’re going to get: a Rabbi dressed up like Santa, […]
  43. Adam Scott’s Choice of Brett Gelman as His Therapist Is Not a Good One In this new Funny or Die video, Adam Scott and Lindsay Sloane run into Brett Gelman, Adam’s therapist, in a coffee shop. Obviously, Brett […]
  44. Brett Gelman, Matt Besser and an Unfortunate Pee DripDrip DropUCBcomedy.comWatch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at UCBcomedy.com Here’s another sketch from Matt […]
  45. Comedy’s 17 Favorite ComediansWho are the best working comedians today? Who’s creating the best material, influencing the most people and is the flat-out funniest? You could […]
  46. movies
    Watch Elizabeth Banks in the Latest Mr. CelebrityMr. Celebrity — a.k.a. comedian Brett Gelman — gives Ms. Banks a warm welcome.
  47. movies
    See Ed Helms in ‘Mr. Celebrity’Mr. Celebrity shows you the best, most natural ways to meet famous people.
  48. movies
    Watch Funny or Die’s ‘Death Bed Subtext,’ With Kate Bosworth and Topher GraceVery steamy.