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  1. underrated
    Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey on Snuff Box and Why It’s Brilliant to Play Dumb“Right before this interview I was thinking, ‘Why don’t me and Huskey do our own show like this?’”
  2. comedy
    Brian Huskey’s Mr. Neighbor’s House Returns to Adult Swim Next MonthIt’s a “live-action kid’s show that is too disturbing for kids.”
  3. Here’s a Sneak Peek from the ‘People of Earth’ Season Finale Featuring […]TBS’s new (and recently renewed) comedy People of Earth wraps up its debut season on Monday, and today the network gave us a sneak peek from […]
  4. Brian Huskey and Conan O’Brien Look Back on Their ‘Late Night’ DaysThe People of Earth cast were guests on last night’s Conan, so during the interview, O’Brien asked former Late Night bit actor Brian Huskey […]
  5. Inside the Dark, Twisted World of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ How thin is the line between terror and laughter? Between psychological thriller and comedy? The answer to those questions is explored in the […]
  6. sitcoms
    See a Comprehensive Chart Detailing the Hardest-Working Actors in SitcomsIs there a show you love that hasn’t featured Megan Mullally? Nope. No, there is not.
  7. Crashing and Burning on a Roundtable Show, Both on TV and In Your Head Today on the Onion News Network we’ve got an especially out-there episode of “In the Know”:Is Pundit Duncan Birch A Worthless Idiot? Featuring […]