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  1. pay me what you owe me
    Bitch Better Have My Money: A Brief History of Artists Not Paying Their TaxesFrom Shakira to Lauryn Hill to Ja Rule, here are just some of the artists who’ve ducked out on the IRS.
  2. and that’s how you do the scarn
    A Brief History of Billie Eilish’s Extremely Gen-Z Addiction to The OfficeShe samples the episode “Threat Level Midnight” on her debut album, and her addiction to the show only goes deeper.
  3. brief histories
    22 Jump Street and a History of Insecure SequelsOr “meta sequels.” Call them what you will.
  4. brief histories
    Under the Skin and a History of Art-Horror FilmArt-horror films tend to rely more on atmosphere and style to create an unnerving experience than on actual “scares.”
  5. brief histories
    ‘You’re Still Here?’: A Brief History of the Movie Post-Credits SequenceThey started way before the Marvel movies.
  6. brief histories
    We’re Living in the Age of the Movie Trailer Money ShotWhen it comes to marketing a film, it’s a game of special effects one-upmanship.