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Britain’s Got Talent

  1. roll clip!
    Watch Stormtroopers Dance to ‘It’s Raining Men’Let the vogue be with you.
  2. other countries’ embarrassments
    Simon Cowell Got Egg on His Face During the Britain’s Got Talent FinaleLiterally.
  3. tell-alls
    Simon Cowell Prefers Black Toilet Paper And other fun facts from his unauthorized biography. 
  4. clickables
    See a Britain’s Got Talent Contestant’s Insane Matrix DanceMeet Razy Gogonea.
  5. clickables
    Meet Michael Collings, Your Newest Britain’s Got Talent SuperstarHe sings “Fast Car”!
  6. music
    See Miley Cyrus’s ‘Lesbian Kiss’Eh, no big deal.
  7. second verse
    Britain’s Got Talent Produces Another Susan Boyle, Right on TimeHer name is Janey Cutler
  8. tv
    Meet Othelio, the Aging Pop Duo Discovered on Britain’s Got Talent“Our voices are crisp, our voices are clean, our music is in date.”
  9. regrets
    Is Renowned Evil Genius Simon Cowell Going Soft?If his column in this weekend’s ‘Daily Mail’ is to be believed, the answer is yes!
  10. secret admirers
    Susan Boyle Picking Up Some Unlikely New FansSlipknot, anyone?
  11. solitude
    Susan Boyle Is Ready to Rejoin SocietyThe first thing on her to-do list is to respond to Barack Obama’s Evite.
  12. scandals
    Did a Voting Scandal Cost Susan Boyle the Britain’s Got Talent Crown?Possibly!
  13. meltdowns
    Susan Boyle Lands in Rehab Clinic After Historic Upset in Britain’s Got Talent FinaleWhat a bizarre twist.
  14. boylewatch
    Susan Boyle Goes Into Hiding!As long as she doesn’t tell Joe Biden where she’s going, she oughtta be okay.
  15. disses
    Rather Than Travel to England, Demi Moore Invents Something Better to DoIt’s a private jet or bust for the Queen of Tweets.
  16. backlash to the backlash
    Leave Susan Boyle Alone!Whether Susan Boyle wins or loses, we can’t help but feel like she’s being exploited.
  17. twitter
    Twitter Helps Connect Rich Celebrities Living Thousands of Miles ApartAnd you thought the service was only good for wasting time!
  18. christ figures
    The Second Coming Arrives As Susan Boyle Returns to Britain’s Got TalentWhen it comes to Susan Boyle, we tend to side with Lily Allen.
  19. britain
    Britain Overrun by Virtuosic, Opera-Singing EyesoresIs Greg Pritchard the new Susan Boyle?
  20. exit strategies
    Simon Cowell May Be Quitting American Idol for Real This Time, PossiblyRupert Murdoch better start preparing to empty his pocketbooks.
  21. setups
    Is Simon Cowell Actually Using His Evil Genius for Good?Or, how ‘American Idol’ could learn a thing or two from ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’