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British Television

  1. meet your crush
    Your Guide to Crushing on Stefanie Martini, Julian Fellowes’s Newest IngenueShe’s essentially his next Lady Mary.
  2. The Crown: Who Is the Real Lord Altrincham?Did he actually save the British monarchy?
  3. doctor who what when where why
    Another Doctor Who Doctor Is Raving About the Next Doctor Being FemaleThe future is female.
  4. trailer mix
    The New Great British Bake Off Trailer: What in the World Is Going on Here?This is one way to market a show.
  5. vulture lists
    Your Very British Streaming Guide to Elizabethan Period DramasFrom the silliness of Blackadder to the seriousness of Elizabeth I.
  6. british tv
    A Former Doctor Who Doctor Isn’t Too Pleased With a Woman Getting the Role“It’s the loss of a role model for boys.”
  7. Get to Know Jodie Whittaker, Your First Female Doctor on Doctor WhoYou’ve probably seen her on Broadchurch or Black Mirror.
  8. the great british controversy off
    Sue Perkins Admits She Nearly Quit Bake Off Before the New Network Move“I did think, ‘How can I rationalise these two worlds?’”
  9. across the pond
    John Cleese Is Returning to British Television for a New SitcomEdith will be a six-part series.
  10. vulture lists
    The Cast of Downton Abbey’s Most Un-Downton TV RolesJessica Brown Findlay as a prostitute, Michelle Dockery as a con artist, and much more.
  11. the whoniverse
    David Harewood Doesn’t Want Doctor Who’s Next Doctor to Be a White Man“It needs to do something different.”
  12. doctor who
    Who Will Be the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who?Peter Capaldi is stepping down, so let’s guess who the next Time Lord will be.
  13. the who-niverse
    Matt Lucas Sticking Around for More Doctor Who“You’re stuck with me for a little bit.”
  14. vulture lists
    10 Terrific British Sketch Shows to Watch Right NowThe best British sketch shows, from Monty Python to Mitchell and Webb.