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Bronson Pinchot

  1. the vulture transcript
    Bronson Pinchot Discusses All Things AudiobooksIn an email exchange with New York Times best-selling author Jeff VanderMeer.
  2. don’t be ridiculous
    The Leftovers Raptured Balki and Cousin LarryRaptured? Don’t be ridiculous.
  3. weatherpeople
    Bronson Pinchot Did a Particularly Zany Celebrity Weather Report This MorningOh boy.
  4. perfect strangers
    Play a Perfect Strangers Video GameIf only this were made for the Wii …
  5. perfect strangers
    Bronson Pinchot Elaborates on Denzel’s UnpleasantnessThe beef that just keeps on giving.
  6. tom cruise
    Cruise Responds to BalkiPublicist: “Obviously this is so far removed from who Tom Cruise is as a person, this must have been said in jest.”
  7. perfect strangers
    Balki Puts Tom Cruise on BlastIn a pretty entertaining new interview, Pinchot calls out Tom Cruise for homophobic comments he made on the set of ‘Risky Business.’