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  1. Anne Pasternak Named Head of Brooklyn MuseumShe comes in riding high from Creative Time and Kara Walker.
  2. art review
    Chris Ofili’s Thumping Art-History LessonIt is astonishing to consider just how distant the New York of the Sensation era feels now — and that scrappier art world.
  3. ask an art critic
    Jerry Saltz on Irritating Dealers and Glorious SpacesWhat’s the one thing a dealer should never do to a critic?
  4. artsy
    Watch Jerry Saltz Tour the Warhol Exhibit“He was making amazing paintings right up to the end.”
  5. video
    The Art Was Edible at the Brooklyn MuseumJerry Saltz’s video report from Jennifer Rubell’s installation/feast, “Icons”
  6. candy-filled warhols
    Candy-Filled Warhol at Brooklyn MuseumYes, you can beat on it for treats.
  7. the take
    Video: Jerry Saltz at ‘©Murakami’’New York’ art critic Jerry Saltz visited “©Murakami” at the Brooklyn Museum to walk us through a few of the highlights.
  8. the best part
    Takashi Murakami’s Art Is Really Hard to Describe’Times’ reviewer Roberta Smith makes a valiant effort to boil down several chaotic, crazy-ass Murakamis into words, and the results are telling.
  9. art candy
    The Brooklyn Museum Visits Astroland One Last TimeGood-bye, Coney Island?