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  1. obits
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Corgi Cutie, Cheddar, Has DiedHe was a very good boy.
  2. glossaries
    The Secret Lingo of the Best TV Writers RoomsFrom “Jeffing” to “kid pepper” to “the biggest crabs.”
  3. season renewals
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Renewed for Season 7 Because NBC Also Loves ItThe rescue operation for the beloved series seems to be working out.
  4. miss you
    Chelsea Peretti’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Departure Wasn’t ‘Fully’ Her DecisionSo, what happened?
  5. vulture lists
    A Handy Guide to Mike Schur’s Favorite ActorsFrom Kristen Bell to Adam Scott. And more!
  6. chat room
    Bradley Whitford on Valley of the Boom, Handmaid’s Tale, and West Wing Rumors“You know, we can’t all be working in the White House. That doesn’t make any sense.”
  7. vulture lists
    Every Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode, RankedLooking back at the show’s Fox years.
  8. vulture lists
    Every Sex-Tape Joke That Andy Samberg Has Made on Brooklyn Nine-Nine“Uh-oh, I hope it doesn’t get too sexual.”
  9. tv review
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Back, Thank GodOn its new NBC home, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is just as goofy, warm, and funny as ever.
  10. trailer mix
    In the Criminal Justice System, This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trailer Is a Parody[Dun-noice.]
  11. best of 2018
    The 10 Best TV Scenes of 2018The year’s most memorable TV moments, from The Americans to Sharp Objects.
  12. trailer mix
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Trailer: Jake Does Die Hard, NoiceAlso the title of his sex tape.
  13. winter preview 2019
    Winter TV Preview: True Detective, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 7 More Shows to WatchA complete guide to the TV shows worth seeing this winter.
  14. returns
    Here’s When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Coming BackSoon!
  15. farewells
    Chelsea Peretti Is Leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine, But Not Necessarily Forever“I want to thank you for the hours you spent watching Gina be Gina.”
  16. tca 2018
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-Creator Promises No ‘Substantial Changes’In other words: Yes, they’re doing another Halloween episode.
  17. sdcc 2018
    9 Moments From the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Comic-Con Panel That Will Make You CryNo, you’re weeping.
  18. chat room
    Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz: Where Are All the Latinx Emmy Nominees?“It’s f—king frustrating.”
  19. last night on late night
    Terry Crews Calls Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Cancellation ‘the Shock of a Lifetime’“It was horrible. And then the internet — the internet flipped out!”
  20. #metoo
    Andy Samberg ‘Proud To Know’ Terry Crews Following Senate Testimony“He’s a miracle.”
  21. Why Comedies Make the Best Binge-WatchesThe drama binge is so often a fling. A comedy binge can feel more like a real relationship.
  22. Stephanie Beatriz’s Bisexual Awakening, Onscreen and Off“The main thing for me was that Rosa said ‘bisexual,’ and that she said it so many times. She names her sexuality.”
  23. roll clip!
    Watch Rosa Fall Stupid Hard for Gina Rodriguez on Brooklyn Nine-NineBrooklyn gets a little more Jane.
  24. The Story Behind How Brooklyn Nine-Nine Was Canceled and Rescued in 31 Hours“Being born is nice, being reborn is really nice.”
  25. nine-nine!
    Why NBC’s Decision to Rescue Brooklyn Nine-Nine Makes Business SenseIt’s one of the least risky calls Peacock execs will make this week.
  26. nine nine!
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Is Going Nuts Thanks to NBC Saving Their Show“NBC TAKIN B99 OFFA FOXES HANDSIES BBBBBSSSSSSssss.”
  27. the industry
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Headed to NBC for a Sixth SeasonAw, and all because you collectively went berserk.
  28. Things Are Looking Up for the Recently Canceled ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’Thanks to an outpouring of fans after the news broke yesterday that Fox had canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it appears to be extremely likely the […]
  29. An Ode to Brooklyn Nine-NineThe outpouring of grief at its cancellation has been evidence there is an intense need for shows like this.
  30. tv
    Hulu Could Save Brooklyn Nine-NineTweets did something! They actually did something!
  31. pilot season
    Lil Rel Howery Series Rel Gets an Order From FoxThe story is inspired by Howery’s own life.
  32. gone but not forgotten
    Fox Cancels Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mick, and Last Man on EarthBrooklyn Nine-Nine’s series finale will air May 20.
  33. Fox Cancels ‘The Mick,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ and ‘The Last Man on Earth’It’s a comedy bloodbath over at Fox today, with cancellations going out to three comedies. First up is the cancellation of Will Forte’s The […]
  34. on comedy
    Andy Samberg and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Choose Their Favorite Cold OpensThat Dianne Wiest cold open might be the winner.
  35. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Boils Down the Justice System in a Moving Bottle […]Genie in a Bottle is a recurring feature where each week a different bottle episode (an episode set entirely in one location, often designed to […]
  36. roll clip!
    Watch Sterling K. Brown Get Interrogated on Brooklyn Nine-NineBrown guest-starred in a bottle episode.
  37. very special guests
    Gina Rodriguez Lands Guest Spot on Brooklyn Nine-NineAll signs point to her playing Detective Rosa Diaz’s love interest.
  38. casting
    Sterling K. Brown to Guest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine As an Unusual SuspectThe This Is Us star is dropping in for a “unique” episode.
  39. chat room
    Andy Samberg on His HBO Sports-Comedy Tour de Pharmacy and Brooklyn Nine-Nine“We’ve got to show some male genitalia in everything we make.”
  40. Fox Renews ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ for a Fifth SeasonMore Brooklyn Nine-Nine is in the works at Fox. According to The Wrap, the network has officially renewed the ensemble comedy for season 5. […]
  41. casting couch
    Castle Fans Will Like Nathan Fillion’s Upcoming Guest Role on Brooklyn Nine-NineHow apropos.
  42. Check Out These 3D Floor Plans of the Sets for ‘The Office,’ ‘Parks and […]If you ever wished it were possible to wander the sets of your favorite comedy series, look no further, because thanks to a real estate […]
  43. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Funky Cats and Their Feisty StatsIt’s always a pleasure to get a Terry-centric episode.
  44. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: The Lion and the BarracudaWelcome to the Nine-Nine, Jimmy Smits.
  45. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Beautiful, Romantic, and Lush“Monster in the Closet” is instantly one of B99’s funniest episodes.
  46. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Heist Heist BabyWho will be this year’s Ultimate Detective Slash Genius?
  47. casting couch
    Jimmy Smits Will Play a Very Cool, Sensible Dad on Brooklyn Nine-NineFor the show’s Thanksgiving episode.
  48. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Night Sassy“The night shift stinks. Stinks like a butt.”
  49. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: The Tri-Swamp AreaIn the immortal words of Gina Linetti, “Garbanzo marinara pizzeria ristorante.”
  50. overnights
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: The Worst Kind of DuckThe NYPD: “We caught the Son of Sam, Ice T plays us on TV, we keep the Tonys safe!”
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