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    Bruce Campbell Talks Trump and Personal Legacy“In 2016, masculinity is something that is kind of in flux.”
  2. tv
    Ash vs Evil Dead, Blunt Talk Get Premiere DatesYour bad babysitters return this October.
  3. trailer mix
    Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Trailer: Blood, Body Parts, and Heavy MetalSee the clip that’s too gory for Comic Con.
  4. The 25 Best Horror Movies Since The ShiningYes, the number one pick should be considered a horror movie, hear us out.
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    Lily Collins to Play Lead in Evil Dead RemakeFrom Snow White to the Necronomicon.
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    Burn Notice’s Bruce Campbell on His Sam Axe TV Movie, the Sequel to My Name Is Bruce, and Comic Con“I go to horror conventions and sci-fi conventions. I have no intentions of denying my genre past.”
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    Jon Hamm’s Handsomeness All an ActPlus: Jonathan Franzen thinks he looks shifty.
  8. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Sadowski, Burn NoticePlus: ‘Twilight”s Rachelle Lefevre joins Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Off the Map.’
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    Kate Winslet Opens Mouth, Inserts FootPlus: Isla Fisher kinda repulsed by Hugh Dancy.
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    Amy Adams to Follow Oscar-Nominated Role With ‘Amy Adams Butt Show’Plus: ‘Lost’’s Jin not really sure how he survived, either.
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    Bruce Campbell on ‘My Name Is Bruce’ and Why His Fans Are Better Than Tom Cruise’sVulture caught up with Campbell via phone to talk about his new film and his recent ‘Centrum Silver moment.’
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    Daniel Radcliffe Walking a Thin Line Between Harry Potter and Tony MontanaPlus: Dominic Cooper is adorably ignorant of history!
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    Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?Plus: Does the ‘Thundercats’ movie have its Panthro?
  14. the early-evening news
    Stephen Colbert Announces His Candidacy for President of Our HeartsPlus news about Nas, Sam Raimi, and the Man Booker Prize.
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    Chef Gordon Ramsay Expounds on the American Legal SystemAshton Kutcher, Bruce Campbell, and more!