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  1. tribeca film festival 2017
    Bruce Springsteen Tells Tom Hanks How He Wrote ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ in Days“If you ever want to have a great moment in a motion picture, walk out a door and make sure they just put up a Bruce Springsteen song.”
  2. covers
    Ryan Adams Covered Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’Like father like musical son.
  3. dreams come true
    This Kid Played Onstage With Bruce Springsteen TwiceOnce in 2013 and again last week.
  4. rejected songs
    Listen to Bruce Springsteen’s Rejected Harry Potter SongJust try to imagine a scene where this would have fit.
  5. the art of trolling
    Bruce Springsteen Trolls Trump by Covering ‘Don’t Hang Up’ in Australia“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight.”
  6. muslim ban
    Bruce Springsteen Speaks Out Against Muslim BanHe also dedicated “American Land” to immigrants.
  7. women’s march
    Bruce Springsteen on Women’s March: ‘We Are the New American Resistance’Springsteen couldn’t be with the protesters in body, but boy is he there in spirit.
  8. the fucking american dream
    Bruce Springsteen Privately Serenaded White House Staffers at a Secret Concert He wanted to reward their hard work over these past eight years.
  9. inauguration 2017
    Bruce Springsteen Cover Band Quits Inauguration Gig Out of Respect for the BossDon’t want to disappoint Father.
  10. inaugeration 2017
    Springsteen Cover Band Set for Inauguration BallBy the grace of God, they are literally called the B Street Band.
  11. resolutions
    Bruce Springsteen Talks Love and Chaos on WTF“Suddenly things start to burn, burn, burn. And when that burning starts, if you take that flame and aim it toward the right thing it’s a powerful weapon.”
  12. year in culture 2016
    The 13 Best Concerts of 2016Bruce Springsteen, Adele, Kanye, and more provided the year’s best live music.
  13. honors and awards
    Watch Bruce Springsteen Get His Medal of FreedomBruuuuuuce!
  14. america is broken
    The E Street Band Is Divided on This Whole Hamilton-Pence IssueThe Boss and his bandmate Steven Van Zandt have differing opinions on the American musical.
  15. presidential medal of freedom
    Ellen to Receive Presidential Medal of FreedomThey’ll be honored alongside your dad, Tom Hanks, and many more very cool people.
  16. America’s Dad Tom Hanks Wants to Reassure You That America Will Be Okay“[The constitution] is going to protect us, over and over again, whether or not our neighbors preserve and protect and defend it themselves.”
  17. great things
    We’ve Reached Peak New Jersey With a Bruce Springsteen Roadside RescueInvolving some motorcycles, of course.
  18. 2016 election
    Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Full Clinton-Rally Set“We will indeed be stronger together.”
  19. maybe they were saying brooooooce?
    Trump Fans Boo Springsteen Ahead of Hillary ShowThe Boss is playing a pro-HRC set in Philadelphia tonight.
  20. get out the vote
    Springsteen, Bon Jovi to Perform at HRC RallyPresident Obama, Michelle Obama, and Jon Bon Jovi will also accompany Clinton for her closing argument.
  21. born to ruuuuuuun
    Harry Potter Films Rejected a Springsteen Song’Cause wizards like us, baby we were born to depulso.
  22. new yorker festival 2016
    Springsteen ‘Afraid’ of Trump’s Impact on USA“When he was just a big sort of bloviating New York billionaire, he could be highly entertaining and funny, but he’s not funny as a presidential candidate.”
  23. what a mensch
    Springsteen Signs Fifth-Grader’s Absence NoteAt a meet-and-greet in Philadelphia.
  24. punctuation
    63 Times a Very Excited Bruce Springsteen Used ALL CAPS in His MemoirHe gets VERY excited!
  25. listen up
    Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to RunThe deep cuts and classics. 
  26. memoirs
    Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Beautifully Dissects His Own MasculinityWhat Born to Run has to say about the Boss’s relationship to gender. 
  27. last night on late night
    Springsteen Picks His Top 5 Springsteen SongsTurns out, he’s a big fan of “Born to Run.”
  28. donald trump
    Bruce Springsteen Thinks Trump Is a ‘Moron’He’s also sorta #WithHer.
  29. bruce springsteen
    Watch Bruce Springsteen’s CBS Interview The Boss talks depression, his dad, and the death of Clarence Clemons.
  30. bruce springsteen
    Born-to-Read Bruce Springsteen Is Going on an 8-City Book TourThe tour is in support of his new memoir, Born to Run.
  31. comedy
    C.K. and More to Perform at Stand Up for Heroes An evening of comedy madness.
  32. Bruce Springsteen Plays Longest U.S. Show EverHis show Wednesday night clocked in at over four hours.
  33. bruce springsteen
    Bruce Springsteen Discusses Life with Depression in His Memoir“I was crushed between sixty and sixty-two, good for a year and out again from sixty-three to sixty-four.”
  34. roll clip!
    Springsteen and Bono Perform ‘Because the Night’Sing it, boys.
  35. roll clip!
    Watch Springsteen Cover Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’From Saturday night’s Barclays Center stop.
  36. it’s hard to be a saint in the city of greensboro
    NC Congressman Calls Springsteen a ‘Bully’Well, ok then.
  37. the boss
    Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Concert“This is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters.”
  38. culture cheats
    10 Tricks That Musicians and Actors Use in Live PerformancesFrom live pitch correction and in-ear cues to line feeding and hidden singers.
  39. duets
    Watch Springsteen and Vedder Sing ‘Bobby Jean’And so they meet again.
  40. autobiographies
    Bruce Springsteen to Write Memoir, Born to RunSee the cover!
  41. chat room
    Lucinda Williams on Her New Album and the South“Discovering Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty and those southern short-story writers, it really informed my writing.”
  42. bruce springsteen
    After Snow-Out, Springsteen Posts Show for FreeIncluding Springsteen’s cover of the Eagles’ “Take It Easy.”
  43. impersonations
    Hear David Bowie Impersonate Bruce SpringsteenIn a studio recording from 1985.
  44. glenn frey
    Bruce Springsteen Performs Frey TributePeak dad rock.
  45. david bowie
    Watch Springsteen Cover Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo.
  46. fantasy listening
    Bruce Springsteen’s The River As a Single-AlbumWe even made you playlists for our would-be Side A and Side B.
  47. videology
    Hot Chip Cover Springsteen & LCD SoundsystemThe songs belong together.
  48. 9 Behind-the-Scenes Stories From Darlene Love, the Greatest Backup Singer EverBonding with Sam Cooke and Elvis over gospel, laughing along with Cheech and Chong, and, of course, arguing with Phil Spector.
  49. jon voyage
    How Bruce Springsteen Played Jon Stewart Off The Daily ShowIt was a Jersey lovefest.
  50. Staying Sane May Be Jon Stewart’s Greatest FeatStewart created the perfect comedy for our political and media age, and he didn’t let it crush his optimism.
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