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  1. explainers
    A Complete Guide to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Many ControversiesRemember when the FBI was following Borat?
  2. twitter
    Sacha Baron Cohen Fires Warning Shot at Trump for the 4th of JulyBe careful what you tell a comedian to do, especially if they’re Sacha Baron Cohen.
  3. Talking to ‘Borat’ and ‘Bruno’ Co-Writer Dan Mazer About His New Movie ‘I […]As Sacha Baron Cohen’s longtime writing/producing partner, Dan Mazer is responsible for co-scripting Borat, Brüno, and both the US and UK […]
  4. making the sausage
    Polone: Why Sacha Baron Cohen Deserves the Nobel PrizeHe sneaks political and social messages into outrageous comedy, tricking audiences into hearing them.
  5. The Dictator’s General Aladeen Will Attend the Academy AwardsGet ready for a red carpet scandal. Sacha Baron Cohen wants to attend the Academy Awards as his character from The Dictator, but there’s a […]
  6. oscarpocalypse
    Sacha Baron Cohen Almost Hosted the OscarsThe Academy “swatted it down” because he would’ve been “too big of a wild card.”
  7. the industry
    Larry Charles to Make NBC Even NerdierPlus: Old people singing and robots!
  8. Brüno Deleted Scene: Using Mexican Gardeners As Furniture Doesn’t Faze Pete RosePete Rose has a pretty reasonable excuse for not wanting to eat sushi off a naked man’s body.
  9. bruno
    La Toya Back in BrünoHer cameo will be restored as an extra for the movie’s DVD release.
  10. bruno
    Sacha Baron Cohen Threatened With Lawsuit by Fake Terrorist, Bodily Harm by Real TerroristsTerrorists: “We reserve the right to respond in the way we find suitable against this man. The movie was part of a conspiracy against the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.”
  11. bruno
    Brüno Looking Less Profitable, Actionable Than BoratThe movie had a soft No. 1 opening over the weekend — but charges from the first ‘Brüno’ lawsuit have been dropped.
  12. bruno
    The Secret Ingredients in Brüno’s Cage-Fighting Scene: A 90-Minute Wait and $1 Beers’Newsweek’ today has the details of how the scene was shot, which sort of makes the crowd’s reaction seem slightly less spontaneous.
  13. bruno
    Hill: Why Brüno Made Me Really Proud of America! (Except for L.A.)Baron Cohen stacks the deck relentlessly and hammers some easy targets, but the homophobia rarely erupts.
  14. bruno
    The Jokes Brüno Told in Every InterviewIf you’ve seen one Bruno talk-show appearance, you’ve basically seen them all.
  15. bruno
    Brüno’s Original Ending Was Even Worse Than the Coldplay SongMovieline reveals the planned ending that was scrapped in favor of something slightly better.
  16. Paula Abdul Was ‘Very Game’ to Sit on a Mexican, and Other Highlights From Brüno’s Production NotesAbdul was “very game,” claim the actually entertaining production notes for ‘Brüno.’
  17. Ever-Tasteful Sacha Baron Cohen Cuts Brüno’s Michael Jackson Joke“We decided to take it out for tonight, and we’ll reassess before the release whether to keep it out,” says director Larry Charles.
  18. Brüno in Fake-Prostitute ScandalThose weren’t real prostitutes at Brüno’s promotional appearance today.
  19. Brüno’s Olive Branch to Gays: A Song by the Coldplay GuyProblem solved!
  20. Who Will Brüno Offend Most: Gays, Austrians, or Pygmies?“The pygmy sex scene is one of the most horrific incidents ever committed to celluloid.”
  21. Brüno Fakes Another Stunt!Even though ads promise “real people, real situations,” there was actually no baby present during the filming of the hot-tub sex scene. Outrageous!
  22. publicity stunts
    Eminem Comes Clean About Brüno IncidentYes, it was planned in advance.
  23. bruno
    First Brüno Lawsuit Not As Funny As Borat LawsuitsA woman duped in next month’s movie is suing Sacha Baron Cohen for putting her in a wheelchair.
  24. publicity stunts
    Eminem Planned That Thing With the Guy’s Butt in His FaceSays a writer on Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards: “They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”
  25. conspiracy theories
    Did Eminem Have Advance Knowledge of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Crotch Attack?It seems like he had plenty of time to move out of the way.
  26. bruno
    Paula Abdul Describes the Brüno Cameo That Left Her ‘Scarred for Life for a Year’“I said, ‘No, I won’t be doing that … And by the way, where’s my award?’”
  27. Who Will Tell Paula Abdul She’s in Brüno?Paula Abdul is interviewed in the movie, though she genuinely thought she was being questioned for a real documentary by an authentic gay Austrian fashionista.
  28. bruno
    Brüno Now Straight Enough for an ‘R’As you probably figured, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie won’t be released with an NC-17 rating.
  29. trailer mix
    What’s So Racy About the Brüno Red-Band Trailer?It’s not even as dirty as the one for ‘I Love You, Man’!
  30. bruno
    MPAA Objects to Bruno’s Naked Hunting TripLike ‘Borat’ before it, Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming film has been hit with an NC-17 rating following its first submission to the MPAA.
  31. the industry
    Sacha Baron Cohen Will Prey on the Innocent for a Little Bit LongerPlus: The Pope’s on YouTube.
  32. the best part
    Matthew Weiner Discusses the Second Season of ‘Mad Men’ on ‘Charlie Rose’If you can get past Rose’s traditional inability to ask interesting follow-ups, there’s plenty of great stuff.
  33. apropos of nothing
    Ghostbusters Video Game Possibly in Trouble!Following a merger between video-game companies, Ghostbusters: The Video Game has been left (temporarily, we hope!) without a publisher.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Quick — What’s the One Movie You’d Want to See Less Than ‘The Love Guru 2’?If it’s ‘Austin Powers 4,’ you are not in luck!
  35. apropos of nothing
    Sacha Baron Cohen Possibly to Blame for Gay Cage-Fighting Matches in ArkansasTexarkana audiences were upset last month when “Blue Collar Brawlin’” took an unexpected turn.
  36. the early-evening news
    RZA Runs Out of Dialogue to Sample; Will Direct His Own Kung-Fu MoviePlus:Sacha Baron Cohen’s homophones will be hilarious to homophobes.
  37. the early-evening news
    George Takei Sets Date for World’s First Same-Sex ‘Star Trek’ WeddingPlus ‘Bruno’ gets a release date, and David Sedaris is a liar no longer.
  38. apropos of nothing
    Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Accosts Arnold Schwarzenegger, MaybeIs this real? Or is it a staged scene? We’re skeptical of this ‘Borat’ follow-up, but this looks pretty excellent either way.