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  1. mad men series finale
    Sal From Mad Men Is Glad He Never Came Back“You know it’s going to be great for that one time, but then it’s over.”
  2. party chat
    Bryan Batt Doesn’t Think Mad Men’s Sal Romano Is Out of the Closet“But we can hope Sal’s not dead.”
  3. wishes
    When Is Mad Men Going to Bring Back Sal?Soon, please.
  4. roundtable
    Roundtable: Ex-Mad Men StarsHow do you readjust to life outside of Sterling Cooper?
  5. party lines
    Bryan Batt at the ‘An Enduring Vision’ BenefitPlus: Debbie Harry, Anderson Cooper, Matthew Settle …
  6. mad men
    Watch a Loopy Mad Men Cast Sing ‘Bye Bye Birdie’Wrap-party shenanigans now available for all to see.
  7. quote machine
    Sam Worthington’s Childhood Neighborhood Suffered Lack of Entertainment, Poor Fire DepartmentPlus: Catherine Zeta-Jones plots to kill husband.
  8. mad men
    Bryan Batt returning to Mad Men?He’s not coming back yet, sadly.
  9. bryan batt
    Bryan Batt Teams Up With PlayboyEat your heart out, Weiner!
  10. save sal
    Bryan Batt a Free Agent“[December 31] was when my contract was up. And I haven’t been told of anything since then, so right now I’m a free agent.”
  11. save sal
    Save Sal on Facebook“Anachronism shanachronism; bring Salvatore Romano back to Mad Men!!”
  12. mad men
    Outrage: Sal Not Returning for Mad Men’s Fourth Season“I was supposed to be notified by December 31 … and nothing.”
  13. party chat
    Mad Men Stars on Conan Versus Leno“Leno has had 45 million chances to not be a jerk about this.”
  14. chat room
    Mad Men’s Bryan Batt on Sal’s Uncertain Future“Even through his philandering, they want to love Don. It was like a sucker punch.”
  15. quote machine
    Brad Pitt Is a Fighter, Not a LoverPlus: Kristen Stewart explains why she’s deathly afraid of Disneyland.
  16. chat room
    Mad Men’s Bryan Batt: Best Vulture Interview Ever“Everything’s so fitted and tight, the armholes of the suits are cut much smaller, the pant leg — it makes you have better posture, it holds you in a very erect position. Which is perfect for the character.”
  17. mad men
    Salvatore Romano to Write Book, Decorate Your HomeHe just signed a deal with Clarkson Potter to write a book on home decorating.
  18. right-click
    The Fiery Furnaces Get Happy, Sort OfThis one’s a real head-scratcher.
  19. mad men
    Mad Men’s Bryan Batt Has No Plans to Leave His TV Wife“No, Sal won’t come out. There’s going to be more torture in his story.”
  20. mad men
    If Matthew Weiner Doesn’t Come Back, Bryan Batt Will Sing ‘Les Miz’’The fans of the show and the cast won’t stand for it,’ says Batt. ‘He deserves every cent he’s asking for.’