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  1. Talking to Jesse Thorn about NPR, Podcasting Empires, and Not Going ViralIt’s fair to say that the comedy podcast boom would not exist without Jesse Thorn. Thorn, who began doing his public radio show, The Sound of […]
  2. Jesse Thorn’s ‘Bullseye’ Will Be Distributed Through NPR Starting in April MaximumFun.org chief Jesse Thorn’s radio show/podcast Bullseye (previously called The Sound of Young America) will be airing on NPR beginning […]
  3. Tracing the Birth of the Comedy Podcast BoomThe Montreal Just for Laughs Festival is not every comic’s cup of tea. That being said, many consider it to be the most prestigious event of […]
  4. This Week in Comedy Podcasts“Knock knock.” Who’s there? “Pod.” Pod, who? “Podcast.” Oh, Podcast, come on in. “Thanks.” How’s it going, dudester? “Can’t […]
  5. The Sound of Young America Has a New NameHear ye, radio people, podcast people (a species very similar to pod people, but also quite different). Starting on Tuesday, The Sound of Young […]