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  1. rebecca is a food critic now
    Burger King’s Keep It Real Meals Feel Like a Glitch in the Fast-Food SimulationWhat is “real,” anyway?
  2. Watch Conner O’Malley Definitively Prove that McDonald’s Is Better Than […]Do yourself a favor and watch this new video starring Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley as a proud McDonald’s employee who’s […]
  3. this thing looks like that thing
    Did Burger King Rip Off Billy Eichner?The comedian accused Burger King of stealing his schtick for a chicken-nugget commercial.
  4. apologies
    Mary J. Blige Is Very Sorry About That Burger King Ad“It just broke my heart.”
  5. clickables
    Watch Some ‘Leaked’ Burger King Ads From Mary J. BligeAnd you thought the first one was bad.
  6. advertising
    What If Mary J. Blige Rewrote ‘Family Affair’ for a McDonald’s Ad?“Hey, who’d have thunk, an Egg McMuffin / Up on in this eatery”
  7. fresh lettuce
    Mary J. Blige Has an Explanation for That Burger King Ad“I understand my fans being upset by what they saw.”
  8. clickables
    Watch Mary J. Blige Sing About Burger King Snack WrapsFresh lettuce, three cheeses, and no more drama.
  9. hamburgled
    Some Hamburger Meat Gets Named After Mickey RourkeDelicious!
  10. tube junkie
    Seth MacFarlane’s Ambitious New Web-Video Project Launches, Is Pretty Much Like ‘Family Guy’It’s funny, though!