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    Has Hollywood Ever Seen a Redhead Before?Amber Heard in Aquaman and KJ Apa in Riverdale are only two of the latest, wildest fake redheads.
  2. A Few Questions We Have After Watching John Travolta’s New John Gotti BiopicIncluding: Are we all just living inside an episode of Entourage?
  3. How Realistic Is the Ocean’s 8 Heist Tech?We consulted a spy expert to ask the important questions.
  4. Alex Garland on Annihilation’s Crazy Ending“There is stuff in there that, collectively, the people who made the film consciously included for a second viewing, not the first.”
  5. They Should Have Worn Socks in A Quiet Place, Right?I can only suspend my disbelief so much!
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    20 Questions We Have About Bright and Its SequelWhat’s going on with the Shield of Light? Also, why is this sequel happening?
  7. Would We Actually Be Richer If We Shrunk Ourselves à la Downsizing?An economist weighs in.
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    Prince Harry Asks Obama the Hard Pop-Culture Questions: The Good Wife or Suits?Tough call!
  9. Burning Questions We Have About Blade Runner: 2049What was Jared Leto’s whole deal? Why don’t they have cloud computing?
  10. 14 Lingering Questions We Have About From Justin to KellyWe interrogate Kelly Clarkson’s auspicious cinematic debut, sprung from a simpler time.
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    Why Is the Second ‘G’ in Gilmore Girls Lowercase?This is maddening. 
  12. burning questions
    Every Lingering Question From the New X-FilesWhy is Scully constantly covered in blood?
  13. burning questions
    Seven Questions We Have About Star Wars: Episode 7Who will direct? And what does this mean for Indiana Jones 5?
  14. burning questions
    So, Who Does Daniel Day-Lewis Sound Like in Lincoln?Maybe a little bit like “Old Rose” from Titanic?
  15. burning questions
    Seven Burning Questions About Seth MacFarlane Hosting the OscarsHow much singing will there be? And which movie will he make the most vaguely racist jokes about?
  16. burning questions
    Vulture Explains: What’s All the Fuss About The Master and 70mm?Short answer: It looks amazing.
  17. Nine Questions We Hope Are Answered on Breaking BadAs we prepare for tonight’s premiere, here’s what we’re still wondering about last season.
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    Why Did Channing Tatum Wear a Marilyn Monroe Costume in Magic Mike?“That to this day still puzzles me,” says the Magic Mike costume designer.
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    Questions We Want Mad Men’s Season Finale to AnswerAnd the likelihood that we’ll actually get any kind of resolution.
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    Who Is That in the End Credits of The Avengers?Spoilers, obviously.
  21. american horror story
    Seventeen Lingering Questions About American Horror StoryIs Constance psychically connected to the demon baby? And why doesn’t anyone ever ask for clarification when someone else says something nutty?
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    Five Burning Questions From Last Night’s True BloodHey, what happened to the werepanthers?
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    Is Adele Recording the New James Bond Theme?She dropped a big hint.