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  1. pglang
    Kendrick Lamar, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Launches Something ‘Selfless’Yara Shahidi, Baby Keem, Jorja Smith, and Florence Welch are also involved in the “at-service company,” starring in its short film.
  2. language
    Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?The pernicious spread of garbage language.
  3. Wonka, Inc. Quarterly Report, by Patrick Muncie To: The Board of Directors and Shareholders of Wonka Chocolates and Confections, Inc. From: Charles “Charlie” Bucket, Chairman and […]
  4. business
    Report: 21st Century Fox Considering Selling Much of the Company to DisneyDisney is reportedly interested in Fox’s movie studio and TV production capabilities, not its networks.
  5. Turns Out, the Client Isn’t Very Ticklish, by Larry Lee Team, you all saw for yourself. The expression on our head client’s face didn’t change one bit as I snuck behind him in the dimly lit […]
  6. time time at last
    Very Busy Kevin Spacey Drops Out of RelativitySpacey’s Trigger Street Productions consort Dana Brunetti will stay.
  7. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Womyn Inc.’As a straight White male, I don’t have any idea about a lot of things. Especially not discrimination. Over the years, I’ve realized none of my […]
  8. To Whom It May Concern: The Contents of This Email Are Rather Concerning, […]To Whom It May Concern, I use that phrase it all of its reality. No seriously, what I am about to say is extremely concerning.  I didn’t just […]
  9. The Economics of Internet Comedy VideosFunny videos on the internet come from a plethora of sources, from established internet studios to TV networks to independent comedians. But […]
  10. Letting My Parents Know, by Blake HendersonMom. Dad. Thanks for meeting me here. I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for years, but I’ve just been pushing it off. I don’t even know […]
  11. Quotes from Lori’s Goodbye Card on Her Last Day at Paramount Diagnostics, […]“All the best!” – Mike, Sales “Lori, you’ll be missed! Who am I going to high-five when the Molson Files are done every Wednesday??? HA!” – […]
  12. business
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone Start Production CompanyThe Book of Mormon movie is on the horizon.
  13. business
    Variety Sold to Nikki Finke’s BossUnlikely bedfellows!
  14. business
    DirecTV, Viacom Reach TruceYes, yes, you’re both very powerful.
  15. TBS Purchases a Chunk of Funny or DieTBS now owns 10% of Funny or Die or as Adam McKay put it: “We’re thrilled by our acquisition of Turner.” The relationship will largely be about […]
  16. mo money
    Music Sales Up for the First Time Since 2004CD sales still made over $3 billion.
  17. The Sad Details of The Onion’s Exodus to ChicagoJeez, the Onion’s editorial staff is really leaving New York. Well, uh, five out of the sixteen of them are. This story has the details of […]
  18. Aziz Ansari Is Pulling a Louie With His New Standup Special Everyone’s doing it! C.K., Gaffigan, and now Ansari. As you can learn in this helpful video, Aziz Ansari is selling his new standup special […]
  19. the future
    America’s Youth Will Watch TV on Most Any Type of ScreenBabies don’t know what TV sets are anymore.
  20. business
    Diddy Dreams of Being Creepily Ubiquitous in People’s LivesUse Diddy products, from sunup to sundown!
  21. Jay-Z’s Occupy Wall Street Shirts Aren’t Helping OWSNot with money or resources, at least.
  22. With Jake and Amir’s ‘Fired,’ CollegeHumor Tries a New Model for Online […]Last week, CollegeHumor unveiled “Fired,” a 30 minute episode of their popular web series Jake and Amir. The episode was made available both as […]
  23. business
    Adios, Arista and Jive RecordsRCA says it’s time to “retire” those labels.
  24. music
    Lady Gaga Turns Her Back on TargetShe breaks her exclusive deal with the retailer over LGBT issues.
  25. How Your Comedy Sausage Gets MadeIn this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, there’s a lengthy profile of Peter Principato, manager and discoverer of such people as Jonah Hill, […]
  26. Panic Starting to Set in at Cable Companies as More and More People CancelFor the second straight quarter, a whole bunch of people cancelled their TV service and replaced it with the internet. The industry is trying […]
  27. Sony Announces Sure-to-Fail iTunes RivalOn the one hand, it’ll be nice to have yet another way to stream TV shows and movies directly to our TVs. On the other, Sony’s horribly-named […]
  28. Idiotic TV Studios Think $1 TV Episode Rentals Are Too ExpensiveI don’t think Apple’s new TV show rental plan is any great shakes, and neither do the studios not already on board with it. But we have very […]