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But Is It Art?

  1. but is it art?
    Mark Hamill Joker-fied Trump’s John Lewis TweetsHope he has four to eight years left in him.
  2. but is it art?
    Macklemore Finally Explains Why He Owns a Bizarre Nude Justin Bieber PaintingThe things you find on Etsy.
  3. but is it art?
    Holding Hands and Shedding Tears With Shia LaBeouf at His New Art ShowThe actor’s surreal new art show involves a lot of staring (and tears).
  4. but is it art?
    Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ Video Is HereAnd it’s about what you would expect.
  5. but is it art?
    James Franco Painted a Tribute to His This Is the End Bros In Williamsburg.