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  1. chat room
    Jennifer Garner on Ben Affleck’s ‘Wonder Sperm’She’s sorry she brought it up, okay?
  2. movie review
    Movie Review: Butter Is One Thinly Spread Political SatireThe onslaught of quirk here is offset only by the onslaught of heavy-handed political allegory.
  3. chat room
    Ty Burrell Has a Question for Nikki Finke“Is she saying Julie [Bowen] isn’t funny? I don’t believe that to be true.”
  4. trailer mix
    Butter Trailer: Jennifer Garner, Political AnimalAlong with Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, and Hugh Jackman.
  5. butter
    Meet Edna, the Nordic Butter Blogger’s SisterThe first Norwegian butter blogger parody is officially a thing, a very good thing.
  6. norway
    Watch a Nordic ‘Singer, Celebrity, and Blogger’ Bemoan the Butter ShortageNorway needs butter, as well as English tutors.
  7. toronto film festival
    Toronto Film Reviews: Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress, Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, and ButterStillman is back with his first movie in thirteen years.
  8. clickables
    Watch an Extremely Effective and Beautiful Butter CommercialWas there ever anything more beautiful than butter?
  9. the industry
    Hugh Jackman May Join ButterAnd we have an excerpt from the sleazy dialogue Jackman would get to deliver as a cuckolding car salesman.
  10. butter
    Ty Burrell to Make ButterTy Burrell is having the best week ever!
  11. the industry
    Carrey and Hudson to Make Butter?The two may star in a film that uses a butter-carving contest as an allegory for the Hillary-Obama Iowa caucus.
  12. the industry
    Buttering Up Jennifer GarnerPlus: Horse soldiers! No, not what you think.