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  1. vulture lists
    7 Coen Brothers Idiot Movies, RankedWhere does ‘Burn After Reading’ fall on the register of the Coens’ comedies of buffoonery?
  2. dream casting
    Lorne Michaels Discusses Tina Fey’s Palin PossibilitiesWill ‘SNL’ be … funny?
  3. chat room
    Producer Walter Bernard on the Documentary ‘Painting a Lady’Bernard raps with Vulture on ‘Portraits of a Lady.’
  4. pop trash
    Vanessa Parise Is the World’s Noblest FilmmakerA director writes her own plot summary on Apple.com’s trailers page, with unintentionally hilarious results.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Uwe Boll Will Quit Making Movies If One Million People Ask Him ToThe world’s worst director says he’ll retire if a million people on the Internet ask him to. But will it make any difference?
  6. the industry
    Oliver Stone Finds His Condi and Tony, But Who Will Paul Giamatti Play?Thandie Newton will play Condoleezza Rice, and Ioan Gruffudd Tony Blair, in Stone’s ‘W.’
  7. ranters and ravers
    Stop Manohla Dargis Before She Kills Again!Three hopeful art films … a hail of gunfire.
  8. overnights
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: No Hospital for Old MenThis week’s theme was “truth,” which Meredith informs us can be quite painful. And conveniently, each patient’s problem reflects painful truth for a doctor. Surprising? Not on this show!
  9. chat room
    ‘Persepolis’ Creator Marjane Satrapi Loves Iggy Pop, Bruce Lee, Screwdrivers“If my husband is nearby and I am watching kung fu, that means I will beat him up.”
  10. vulture picture palace
    Stereotypes on ParadePlanet of the Arabs is a hilarious, scathing, and rapid-fire montage of stereotypes of Arabs culled from popular movies and TV shows that plays like some budding neocon’s ADD-infused fever dream.
  11. quote machine
    Doris Lessing Doesn’t Give a Crap About Nobel Prize WinPlus: Quotes from Kid Rock and Annie Leibovitz!