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  1. How Onscreen Sex Sounds Are Made, From Kissing to Hand JobsWe talk to the Foley artists behind some of the most intimate big-screen moments.
  2. close reads
    What Pamela Adlon’s Work on Louie Tells Us About Better ThingsWhat we learned from revisiting the episodes Adlon wrote.
  3. Hank is Haunted by Ghosts of Girlfriends Present in ‘Californication’s […]‘Genie in a Bottle’ is a recurring feature where each week a different bottle episode (an episode set entirely in one location, often designed […]
  4. The Long-Running Sitcoms We Lost in 2014Today, a sitcom making it to a second season is as notable as another return to Gilligan’s Island. Here, we pay tribute to some sitcoms we lost […]
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    Californication’s Pamela Adlon on TV Recaps“I just think people are premature-ejaculating their opinions.”
  6. Heather Graham on Closing Out Californication“I think my story with David was actually very sweet.”
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    The 35 Worst Worst Sex Acts in CalifornicationThe show aired its series finale last night.
  8. series finales
    The show’s upcoming season will be its last.
  9. Showtime Renews ‘House of Lies,’ ‘Californication,’ and ‘Shameless’ Showtime just handed out renewal orders to a trio of shows, comedy-dramas House of Lies, Californication, and Shameless. It’ll be the third […]
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    Showtime Renews Shameless, ComediesCalifornication is still on!
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    Watch Shameless’s and Californication’s Season PremieresWith the naughty bits blurred out.
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    Californication Casts Marilyn MansonTo play Marilyn Manson.
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    Californication Could Get a SpinoffCan it please be titled Coloradorgasm?
  14. Showtime Has Picked Up New Seasons of House of Lies and CalifornicationShowtime has renewed House of Lies for a second season and Californication for a sixth. So much sexy lying and lying sexing lie ahead.
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    Showtime Renews Californication, House of Lies, and ShamelessShameless is the network’s second most popular show.
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    Watch the Season Premieres of Shameless and Californication for Free, Right Now, on YouTubeCalifornication and Shameless: now on YouTube, because Showtime understands how your life works.
  17. How Showtime Became the New Source for Black ComedyDo you laugh when a kid falls down? Does Law & Order SVU make you snicker? Do you find it funny when a UCLA student goes on an anti-Asian […]
  18. HBO vs. Showtime: Battle of the Premium Cable ComediesEarlier this week, Showtime aired the premieres of Californication, now in its fourth season, and the brand new show Episodes. For years, the […]
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    Watch the Season Premieres of Episodes, Shameless, and CalifornicationEnjoy.
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    Matt LeBlanc’s Comeback Scheduled to Begin in JanuaryHis show, ‘Episodes,’ gets a premiere date.
  21. rob lowe
    Rob Lowe To Appear on Californication As Cocky Movie StarAt this rate, he’ll be appearing on every network come the fall.
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    Californication Season Finale Recap: That Sinking FeelingHank is a sloshed, sad King Poseidon to his mermaids.
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    Californication: Must Be Nice“This is the worst day of my life,” says Hank Moody. But it’s a day that begins and ends with sex.
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    Californication: Tat’s EnoughHank faces down Karen, kisses Charlie.
  25. overnights
    Californication: ExpelledMadeleine Martin: the Mr. Spock of adolescent pain.
  26. overnights
    Californication: All Together NowThree of the women Hank’s sleeping with arrive on his doorstep early one morning, along with their husbands, children, stripper buddies, his agent, and Rick Springfield.
  27. overnights
    Californication: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner — and DessertHank moves to dispatch his pesky love interests.
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    Californication: Rick Roll (in the Hay)We learn some unfortunate things about the Moody family.
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    Californication: Blasted From the PastAn old friend, and old TV tropes, come for a visit.
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    Californication: The Rule of ThreeHank Moody: “I’m like flypaper for the emotionally disturbed.”
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    Californication: Party Boy“Don’t put daddy in a corner!”
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    Californication: Enter Ed WestwickCrushing on Hank Moody!
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    Californication Season Premiere: Triple ThreatMeet Felicia, Jill, and Jackie.
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    David Duchovny’s Sex Life Takes a Turn for the WorseKathleen Turner is all set to join the cast of ‘Californication.’
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    Make Up Just to Break Up: The Season Finale of Californication’Le Petite Mort’ proves a less than orgasmic season finale: Charlie realizes he may have made a grave error, Sonja gives birth, and a New York job offer prompts Karen and Hank to once again reevaluate their relationship.
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    Californication: Less Sex, More DeathMia celebrates the release of the book she stole from Hank, Becca learns what it is to love and lose, Charlie destroys his marriage, and Ashby atones for Hank’s sins.
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    Sex Sells: Californication Picked Up for Third SeasonShowtime ordered twelve more episodes of the David Duchovny–starring series.
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    Californication: Matters of Life, Death, and the Boinking of Soul Mates“In Utero” finds nineties-era Hank and Karen contemplating their then-burgeoning relationship; contemporary Hank worrying over a lump on his groin; and Charlie rethinking his marriage.
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    What a Tease: Californication’La Ronde’ finds Marcy in treatment; Ashby, Charlie, Hank and Karen keeping (most of) their libidinal impulses in check; and ‘Californication’ getting all literary.
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    Californication: Karen Gets in on the Act“Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills” drags out Hank’s anticipation of Janie Jones for yet another episode, but offers up her cleaning lady for a temp job.
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    Californication: Things Get Even SkeevierThe show’s bad blender drink of family and fornication gets frothier and more toxic this week.
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    Californication Goes Straight PornoThis episode finds family and fornication all mixed up.
  43. overnights
    Californication: Hank Back on the SlutmobileInspired by episode five’s title, we try to find an excuse to say, “Forget it, Hank, it’s Vaginatown.”
  44. overnights
    Good-bye, Entourage; — Hello, Californication!Having renounced ‘Entourage,’ we’re now free to recap a far-less-guilty pleasure: ‘Californication’!
  45. pop trash
    ‘Californication’ Co-Opts TwitterThe cable network copies a few ingenious ‘Mad Men’ fans for its own viral-marketing needs.
  46. the early-evening news
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Get LitigiousPlus: News about Trent Reznor!
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    Mel Brooks Understands Funny on a Deep, Numerical LevelPlus Peter Jackson, Charlie Sheen, and Prince on the Bible.
  48. leak of the week
    New ‘Weeds’ Episodes Leak: Fans Light UpOver the past few days, yet-to-be-aired pilots for new shows, along with forthcoming episodes of Weeds and Brotherhood, found their way onto illicit file-sharing Websites.