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Call The Midwife

  1. renewals
    Call the Midwife Renewed for 3 More SeasonsThree more chances for Chummy’s return.
  2. chat room
    Call the Midwife’s Jessica Raine on Baby Poop“There was just some mess on this poor actress’s leg.”
  3. confessions
    Everyone Makes Up Songs About TV Shows, Right?Right? Guys?
  4. comings and goings
    Call the Midwife Renewed, The Hour CannedSomeone cast Ben Whishaw in something. Stat!
  5. year in culture 2012
    Things You Might’ve Missed in 2012 — and Shouldn’t HaveIf you want to be a true good-pop-culture completist, you need to be checking out Suburgatory, The Sessions, Demi Lovato, and more.
  6. renewals
    Call the Midwife Will Be Back in the SpringMore Chummy!
  7. british tv
    Can Call the Midwife Fill in for Downton Abbey?How the latest British import can fill the Downton-shaped hole in your life.