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  1. callbacks
    The 9 Best Easter Eggs in the Veep FinaleDid you catch all these callbacks to previous episodes?
  2. game of thrones
    All the Major Callbacks in the Game of Thrones Season PremiereFrom Ed Sheeran to that damned spiral symbol.
  3. does whatever a [record scratch] fish!? can
    Did You Catch the Amazing Spider-Man Shout-out in Spider-Man: Homecoming?A friendly neighborhood allusion to the Andrew Garfield–and–Emma Stone era.
  4. the internet
    The Breaking Bad Finale’s Best Memes, Tributes, and CallbacksWhat would this show be without the Internet?
  5. callbacks
    25 Sex and the City Callbacks in Carrie DiariesVulture scoured the CW show for hints to the original.
  6. callbacks
    A How I Met Your Mother To-Do ListLast night’s episode recycled a plot from season one. Bring back these plots instead.
  7. callbacks
    The Scene The Notebook and Blue Valentine Have in CommonIt’s the one where Ryan Gosling gets a woman to do what he wants by threatening to harm himself.